Why Are Woodworm Pests?

Berkshire pest control firms know that woodworm can be destructive and when left to burrow in to timber, structural and safety issues in floorboards, joinery and furniture arise from a woodworm infestation. They eat the timber to survive which weakens it and woodworm can live for 2-5 years, that’s more than enough time to cause crumbling and compromise its load bearing potential.per

Does woodworm really live for that long?

Yes, their lifecycle is dominated by the larvae stage.

  1. Egg. The eggs are normally laid in the crevices of the woodwork by “mum” in the tunnels that have already been bored. Eggs are very difficult to see.
  2. Larvae. The larvae hatch from the egg and immediately burrow in to the woodwork. They are not usually visible to humans because of their need to eat and be safely ensconced in the tunnels. They live happily there for years munching the wood as they squirm about.
  3. Pupa. The pupa comes towards the surface of the timber as it matures and grows. This is the last stage before it becomes a beetle.
  4. Beetle. The primary mission of the adult beetle who emerges from the timber is to mate. They die within a couple of weeks.

What suggests I have a woodworm infestation?

  • Cleanly bored holes in timber.
  • Tunnels – known as galleries to pest control firms.
  • Frass – The dust which is pushed out of the holes/tunnels by the mature beetle.
  • Eggs.
  • Dead beetles.
  • Damaged wood.
  • Crumbling wood.
  • Weak timber.

Can woodworm be treated cheaply with over the counter solutions?

Some work but some don’t seem to halt a woodworm infestation conclusively. The best path is to speak to an expert who has access to timber treatments which are not available in the public domain as they’re under licence because these are scientifically proven to work. Don’t waste time or money on “possible” solutions.

Professional Berkshire pest control companies exist because over the counter and DIY treatments can’t achieve what the industry leading woodworm infestation firms can.

Am I OK as an “I read a webpage” timber treatment expert?

As an untrained person, you may not treat the area properly, work on a smaller or larger area than necessary, be counterproductive or not notice clues of a further infestation. An experienced surveyor from a leading firm like Pest Control Berkshire knows what they are looking for and what is required in terms of treatment.

Another key factor to consider is that perhaps you think you have woodworm in an upstairs room, will you routinely inspect other rooms, the stairs, loft and roof space? Probably not. The experts do. Please trust them.

Can I tell if I have a woodworm infestation?

Yes and no.

Yes, in that there are various signs to look for (see above) which suggests a woodworm infestation but no, because an experienced eye is required to ensure that you don’t have a wet rot or dry rot issue which requires another timber treatment.

Don’t panic, allow an expert to eradicate your woodworm infestation.