There are two basic or easy ways of creating a floor plan for your hotel. One way is that of hiring an interior designer and the other one is designing on your own way. It is knows that the second option is quite foolish unless and until you don’t have the knowledge in this field and the first option which is taking professional help that can be quite expensive but with proper market research it can be a clever strategy and economical way to give a more stylish and attractive look to your hotel says Dean Kirkland WA.

Construction of a big hotel or a small hotel requires a strategy planning and separate approach to the layout of the building and its different premises. It is important that while constructing a hotel you must not only consider to the internal layout and areas of the rooms, lobby, corridors and even the utility rooms and the service rooms. Floor planning is very essential while building and designing the hotel. A well designed and great floor plan can increase the enjoyment of living in the hotel by creating a nice flow between premises and can even increase it look and value. Today the large hotel project is developed with focusing on the future needs and demands of the guests.

How to Create Floor Plans


As Dean Kirkland WA puts it there are some simple steps to creating a floor plan for giving your hotel the perfect look:

  1. SELECT AN AREA: – It is important to decide how many rooms you want in your hotel, what type of room must be there, the type of design you are searching for, the color combinations and the dinning space, etc. All this things do matter when the guests will come to your hotel
  2. FURNITURE SELECTION: – It is important to select the right kind of furniture if the floor plan calls for it. Most of the guests remain unsatisfied if they are not comfortable with your furniture, no matter how much great service and facility you have given to them.
  3. MEASUREMENTS: –While deciding for floor plan you must measure the walls, doors, and furniture so that the floor plan will be perfect. It is important and suggested to examine the building and the rooms which is built in the same area or premises so that it can give you an idea for the estimate of the floor plan
  4. ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES:-You must start adding the architectural features to the rooms and different space to give it a great look. Everything and all the appliances must be placed in the specified location.

The guests pay a great attention to the design and atmosphere of the hotel, which must be pleasant, unique and peaceful. All design elements, furniture design and layout, correct planning, location of the main hall and kitchen, good service, beautiful music, delicious dishes, create a memorable atmosphere of comfort, harmony, and convenience for the guests. Every hotel wants to provide the best services to their guests and that is the reason they make great effort in designing and planning of every single facilities.