What You Should Know About The Japanese Knotweed  

Japanese knotweed (reynoutria japonica) are related to the huge types of the herbaceous plant of the group of buckwheat and knotweed. By what it is named for, you can already tell where it originated. It’s common in  Japan, China, Korea, some places in North America and some places in Europe. Beyond any doubt its a weed, yet there are things that it’s useful for. For instance, beekeepers cherish them since it’s a significant nectar source. Its stems can be considered for a vegetable during spring and can be eaten, it’s utilized in Asian medicine to treat different kinds of conditions.  

The weed grows 10 cm daily. That probably won’t look much however that growth is actually pretty rapid. As long as it has the sun and a water source it can come back over and over again and not to mention it grows anywhere.  These types of weeds don’t just make your place ugly but can also damage it the more that you let it grow. 

Why its a pain: The Japanese knotweed has a special ring to it since it has the “Japanese” in it. You might think that a simple weed won’t hurt anybody and that’s your first mistake. Because the japs knotweed can grow and they love growing in cracks and small openings like concrete walkways to wooden floors. If you don’t pull them out, you can expect that they will deform those surfaces giving you more headache. The solution? Prevention is the key. 

Maintenance is the key: The best way to handle them is to manage them. Pull out their sources and be diligent about it. The bigger they are the more problems they will pose to you in the long run. Especially if your place has a lot of them. The only good reason why you will keep them is if you have a plan to do some herbal medicine stuff on these things, but if not then its essentially useless to you. So rather than getting more problem, just maintain it. 

The problem with managing the jap knotweed is that not all people have the time to manage it every time. Especially if you’re home isn’t always maintained regularly as it should for various reasons. If you’re not using it for good use, might as well maintain it and if that can be a challenge to you, there are services that can help you with that. These types of services make sure that you won’t be infested with the jap weed that can cause damage to your property. They have the necessary tools and skills which makes everything more convenient for you. If you like that, then click the link.