How Can I Improve the Front of My House?

Your home’s exterior is a representation of the energy you have inside. Everybody gets a first impression based on looks. There have been tons of situations where realtors got an upper hand on negotiation day just because of a neat and beautiful garden. 

Use this to your advantage and make your home shine in the most unexpected ways. Remember to release your creativity in the process and have fun while renovating the front of your house.

To help you start out, here are some budget friendly and effective ides:

  1. New Windows and Doors

Your front door will be the first thing anybody notices. That’s why it should always be freshly painted, decorated and cleaned. Additionally, it should also match the style and color of your windows.

Modern buyers are looking for curb appeal and energy efficiency. The only renovation project that improves both is replacing or upgrading windows and doors.

Some homeowners get carried along and start playing with window treatments as well. For instance, if you have a funky, but traditional home, you can install exterior Scandinavian shutters.

  1. Add Trees and Plants

Flowers and trees always do the trick when it comes to improving curb appeal. They can be placed literally everywhere, from front doors to trellises. Remember to make everything match, stylistically and color-wise. 

After you plan and plant your new garden, make sure to regularly take care of it since dead plants don’t do much good for your home’s exterior looks. 

  1. Add Decorations

Besides adding window boxes and hanging planters, you should also consider adding some décor. The newest trend today is DIY tree benches. This is an amazing way to connect with nature. 

You can also add glass décor on your front or garage door. Remember not to put it next to the knob though since burglars can easily break in.

When it comes to the entrance, doorbells, knobs and welcome mats are very important. Make sure to make them interesting and aesthetically pleasing. 

  1. Fancy Patio 

Everybody needs a cool place to hang out in the summer. Why don’t you create one in your patio? Having hardwood decks and barbeques isn’t enough. 

Try to add some decorations, comfortable furniture and water fountains to make things more authentic and interesting. The patio should be the most comfortable and inviting place in the house, but it should also be properly protected.

This is why some homeowners opt for canopies. These will protect your patio from difficult weather conditions, but if you want something more enclosed, you can always transform your patio into a sunroom. 

  1. Add Lights

Apart from being an amazing protective measure, lighting also improves aesthetical value. Placing large and unique light bulbs in front of your home will definitely leave a long lasting impression.

If you are afraid of higher electrical bills, don’t be! Garden lights are amazing when combined with solar energy. To save up on some money, you can also install motion activated lights; however, these won’t leave that much of an impression.

LED is always a great option and there are many types of bulbs, uniquely shaped and made to satisfy everybody’s taste. 

Megan Martin

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