What vegetables to plant in your garden this spring

With all the talk of spring cleaning, it can be easy to forget about your garden. Many estate agents in Loughton and surrounding areas will tell you that a flourishing garden is a plus point in some potential buyers’ eyes. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling your property, spending time in a thriving garden that is filled with flowers and vegetables will work wonders for your mental health. So how can you prepare your garden for spring planting and what can you grow at this time of the year? Here is some handy inspiration to kick-start your journey.

How to prepare for spring planting

Creating a space outside for growing flowers and vegetables doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have a large grassy area, then you can easily plan a space for gardening. A good starting point is to plot out how much room you will require to grow your desired flowers and vegetables. Then plan the layout to ensure that you are happy with the amount of room this will take up in your garden. Remember, you can always start small and create more space later if you find yourself needing it.

Dig out your beds, ready for planting and rotovate the ground if required. You could alternatively try the now increasingly popular ‘no dig’ approach. This simply requires laying down some cardboard over your grass, dampening it and then placing your compost on top. The cardboard will block out light from the grass/weeds and kill them off, leaving you with a perfect growing environment. If mobility is an issue, you can always create some raised beds. This will require more compost to fill, but the finished look is fantastic and will be easy to maintain.

Vegetables and fruit to grow in spring

During the spring months, you can plant a variety of different foods to help you become more self-sufficient. Some of the key things to start with include: –

Peas and broad beans – peas and broad beans are hardy plants and can be grown in colder weather. Start these off indoors and plant them out whenever you are ready. You will be treated to a hearty crop of vegetables in time for summer.

Potatoes – potatoes can be grown from around Easter onwards and they will provide you with a substantial crop over the warmer months.

Lettuce and salad – lettuce and mixed salad leaves are becoming expensive to purchase, making them fantastic produce to grow yourself.

Radishes – radishes are wonderful for first time growers as they are easy and fast to grow. These tasty veggies are perfect for summer salads and side dishes.

Spring garden maintenance

Keep your garden looking its best with regular maintenance. Regular mowing of grassy areas will create a welcoming space for growing food and entertaining guests. Consider mulching your vegetables with grass clippings afterwards to help reduce how often they will need watering.

Keep patio areas clean by pressure washing any algae away. This will prevent slips and accidents in the garden in the rainy spring months. Careful pruning of trees and bushes will ensure that your property looks its best, just in time for the warmer weather.