A custom made headboards could be the final touch you need to pull everything together when it comes to the look and feel of a bedroom. While DIY headboards can occasionally take just a weekend to make, you may not have that time to replacement, and the headboard might not last as long as a skillfully designed piece of furniture.

Custom furnished headboards can turn your bold, bright, modern bedroom ideas into a standard, good looking, and a-one-of-a-kind custom design. To help you make your bedroom designs come to life, we’ve prepared a list of several design ideas for your custom made headboard.


Here are just a few of the methods you and your stylist can work together to make a beautiful custom upholstered headboard:

  1. Wall Mounted Headboards
  2. Freestanding Headboards
  3. Metal Bed Frame Mounted Headboards
  4. Traditional Headboards
  5. Custom Wall Panel Headboards
  6. Contemporary Headboards
  7. Wall Mounted Headboards


  1. Wall Mounted Headboards

First of all, you’ll want to make sure the headboard fits your space nicely, as you begin to consider your custom designs. If you have a flat surface to drill the commentators or a wall-to-wall headboard that fills the entire wall you may choose to go with a Wall Mounted Headboard.

With a Wall Mounted Headboard, you’ll need an adhesive tape measure, tool, level, and stud identifier in addition to your custom headboard. You can choose to have a professional installation to ensure the headboard is proper to suit the wall.

Once your headboard is in place and well-made, you can arrange the space in various ways focus your custom headboard with the bed border, on the wall, in the room, or select for an off-centered or oversized look.

  1. Bed Frame Attached Headboards

Some people may pick to wall-mount for their custom headboards, while others may want more flexibility that comes with a bed frame-mounted headboard. Once correctly screwed into place, you’ll have an all-in-one bed frame set up that you can appropriately move around your space.

  1. Freestanding Headboards

When it comes to bedroom design needs, freestanding custom headboards are a customary option. In this construction, the headboard assigns to the upholstered rails using the same or different fabric.

As freestanding headboards are very mobile that’s why this design option gives you elasticity with space. Some free-standing headboards rest between the bed and the wall without additional materials and can stand alone.

  1. Traditional Headboards

Traditional headboard styles are traditional. These options are usually frame-mounted and confer the right to a bed frame.

If you opt for a traditional grace, you’ll be able to work with various materials and colors to make a custom headboard perfectly custom-made to your style and needs. Mixture Home Furnishings always allows for your custom bed design to have a distinctive headboard shape along with custom nail heads and control tufting.

  1. Custom Wall Panel Headboards

Panel style is another custom design option for headboards. Custom Wall Panel headboards tend to have numerous sections that make up the length or width of the headboard. Classically, you’ll find two or three panels of equal size— though, it’s also common for the center panel to be greater than the two side panels.

Paneled headboards have a similar beautiful look to Venetian windows and can match various bedroom styles and shapes. Horizontally striped panels can make your space look more capacious, whereas vertical panels can produce an advanced ceiling look.