What To Mind Before Getting a New Mattress

Mattresses have a life of more than a decade but it’s highly recommended you change them at the time limit of around 8 years. More quality mattresses can go for more, but 8 years is taken as a common number. Of course, less quality should be changed sooner.

When you’re getting a new mattress time has surely changed since the last time you were looking for one. Technology went forward, and new brands have taken over the market. It’s normal not to know what’s going on in this world. That’s why we’re going to tell you what you need to mind before getting a new mattress.


It’s a common idea that the firmer the mattress is, the better the deal is. This is not completely true. Some people have conditions and their body doesn’t feel comfortable on a mattress that’s too hard. You should find one that is suitable for your needs. You probably have one at home already, so make a comparison with it and see if you like a softer one or a true hard surface mattress. See firmness details here.


When it comes to size, we usually choose the mattress by the size of the bed. This is very wrong. What you need to do is analyze if you need a bigger or smaller size. The larger mattresses are more expensive, so don’t get the biggest one if you’re living alone.

On the other side, if you have a small child that often sleep together with you and your spouse, then look for something bigger if you don’t like sleeping on the floor. Again.

Is there a warranty?

Mattresses are not machines to break down but they too need a warranty. The longer, the better. They might get torn on some places because of lousy work, or might get ruined too fast by using. If the company making them is sure in their product they won’t have a problem giving you more years of warranty.

Can you find it cheaper?

Often, the same mattresses can be found in different places with different prices. Depending on the dealer, you can find the same articles extremely cheaper. Actually, there are pages online that offer their products under discount prices. Try the Nolah Mattress coupon for some pieces that you can get under a really much better price.

Don’t believe the marketing

Almost every mattress you’re going to be interested in will have some text to make you feel safe. The marketing these days is amazing and is playing with your mind. You’ll see things like medically approved, or Number one choice of orthopedists. These are all tricks to make you feel you’re buying a product that’s better than the others. They are not. Don’t believe this. Simply get the one you like the most and don’t believe these things.

Try it before you buy it

It’s not a shame to lay down on your number one pick and try it before you buy it. Don’t fall asleep and wake up when the store closed, but spend good 5 to 10 minutes on it and enjoy yourself. If you feel uncomfortable right there at the store, be sure that when you get home and sleep on it for 2 years, you’ll simply hate it. If it takes, spend a whole day at the store and try every single one of them before you find the right choice.


You might think that getting a new mattress is a simple thing – you get in the store buy one and get it home. It’s not like this. It is a serious investment for your home and since you’re spending top dollars then it’s wise to know everything there is about mattresses.

The most important things you should never miss out are the firmness, the size, and the price. The first one is a matter of personal preference, the second is demanded by your family needs, and the last one should always be fair towards your budget.

If you have these three covered, you’re on the right way in getting a find mattress. Forget about commercials and tales about the best mattress there is. There’s no best, only a mattress that suits your needs best.

James Stone

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