What to consider when buying a corner shower

Today, corner shower kits with walls continue to gain popularity in many home bathrooms because of many reasons. They are a smart space-saving solution; they make showering convenient and prevent water from splashing to unwanted areas, they can provide additional privacy if not translucent, and they are an extra piece of décor to the bathroom space.

If you are considering installing a corner shower, here are some of the key considerations to help you through with your purchase:

•    Shape

The first factor to consider when shopping for corner shower kits with walls is shape. Corner shower kits are available in many shapes and designs – asides from the traditional rectangular and square shapes that most homeowners are familiar with. Other shapes include triangular, circular and quadrant. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, any of these options can be great for you depending on your tastes and preferences.

Most people that want simplicity often go for square and rectangular corner shower kits. Those that want some style often prefer curved, triangular and quadrant-shaped kits. However, that doesn’t mean that square and rectangular shapes aren’t stylish, it depends on the design and finishing.

•    Custom or pre-fabricated walls

When shopping for a corner shower, you will also want to consider whether you want a pre-fabricated stall or a shower corner with custom-tiled corner walls. A pre-fabricated shower corner kit is less expensive and easy to install because its walls are ready-made. They come in many colors and textures, and they are easy to clean. Plus, you can consult a professional corner shower dealer to see if they can build you a custom wall design for your enclosure.

If you purchase a corner shower without walls, the walls will have to be tiled by your contractor during installation. The downside with this is that it will be costly, challenging, there will be some leakage potential, and the walls will have grout lines that can be tough to keep clean.

•    Door design

Your corner shower kit can have a door or just be a walk-in-shower. Simple corner showers are walk-ins to save on space and money. However, many corner shower kits with walls today feature a glass door designed to fit into the design of a specific enclosure’s shape. The doors come in various types including sliding, hinge, pivot, bi-fold and inline. Each of these doors is classified based on their opening mechanism, and each entry goes well with a particular corner shower shape.

•    Enclosure additional features

Different corner shower kits have different features. Manufacturers are continually adding unique amenities such as bench seats, grab bars and stylish fixtures to these enclosures. Make sure to search around for the most feature-packed corner shower at your budget.

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