What are the Unique Design Requirements in Commercial Architecture?

Commercial architects face a lot of interesting projects over the course of their career span. The architecteindustrielStendel + Reich have worked with so many clients in all kinds of industrial as well as the retail sectors and they tend to quickly learn that many businesses have a unique and unexpected need that must be integrated into the design. This article will share a few instances of these unique requirements in the commercial architecture.

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For the pet stores

If you think that pet stores are just about simple box building that need little planning, then you are wrong. The modern retail pet stores of the modern times offer a lot of services to the visiting pets and owners. Many pet stores provide spa and pet washing in-house which would need the design and installation of washing stations and other related water services and drainage systems. In many areas where the power tends to go out quite often, a power receptacle was installed on the outside of a building which is then plugged into a generator to provide emergency power. This helped in keeping the lights on and kept the animals warm and cozy.

For the grocery, c-stores, and liquor stores

Nobody likes their beer warm or their ice cream melted. There is an obvious need for coolers and fridge units when designing grocery, c-store or liquor store businesses. Stores need to determine how much cooler space is needed, and carefully consider where they will be kept. Cooler placement is importance because it will impact the roof where the condenser unit will be installed. As condenser units are quite heavy in weight, the roof will probably need some reinforcement to endure the weight. Mostly the coolers are installed from the rear to cut down the disturbance to the customers. They are installed along the back and around the external edges of the store. This also help in eliminating on the distance products need to be moved. It is important to have easy to clean surfaces.

No matter what your needs are, plan ahead

So, you have seen the unique requirements involved in the commercial architecture on the basis of the business you are dealing with. Ensure that the architecture firm you are dealing with has a clear understanding of your business needs. The guidance will be determined by the current design standards and building code requirements.