5 tips to prevent cold stress at work

We have heard that winter can lead insects and animals to death because they are unable to gather food for them. In cold weather it becomes difficult for everyone to survive. The most difficult time in cold weather is for human worker who work at construction sites and agriculture fields. They work hard for their living, but weather does not get slow on them.

 A worker died at work place due to cold stress, really? Yes, it is. Death occurs because we ignore our body temperature decrease. As in summer we take precautions for our dehydration, weakness and skin color etc. we bother from the rise in temperature and work for our skin and proper body functionality. Then why we do not care about temperature fall? Why we do not take precautions for our skin, body nerves and tissues which stop working in proper order in cold weather. If you to be save from cold stress at work get your safety products from ppe suppliers.

In cold weather our blood vessels get blocked by frozen blood. Cold weather lead to numbness in which our body experience the compression of nerves and contraction of vessels. So, exactly what is cold stress? It is the lowering of body temperature which makes body unable to get warm.

This situation in which body becomes unable to get warmth, permanent tissues damage and ultimately death can occur.  People who work in open sites and construction areas faces cold stress more. Prevention from cold stress at workplace is necessary. Today we are going to share 5 tips to prevent cold stress at work:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

We think that in winter there is no chance of dehydration as sweat does not evaporate from our body. But what about the dry air and the sweat which does not come due to cold air. Cold weather in winter make us to drink less water. Our body become dry due to cold air. We recommend you have liquids in winter weather to keep your body hydrated to avoid cold stress at work.

  1. Consume calories enriched food

Our body immune system fights for us against all the odds which affect our health. In winter weather, when we consume calories enriched food and take fats. Our body start consuming those fats and calories producing heat in return. To avoid cold stress heat and warmth is necessary. So have the calories enriched food and stay safe.

  1. Wear three layers of clothing

If you want to avoid cold stress at work, wear always the three-layer clothing. These three-layer clothing helps you to preserve moisture in body with the inner most layer. The middle layer works as an insulation material even in wet conditions. The outer layer of your clothing must be of that stuff which protects you form the cruel wind and rain.

  1. Cover your head and feet

Head and feet are the two most delicate organs of our body which get problems due to cold weather the most. You experience that cold wind can freeze your feet blood in seconds. According to research if you cover your head with hood or hat, 40% chance of getting cold stress reduces. Start using insulated footwear to avoid numbness.

  1. Some necessary precautions at work place

In winter there are more chances of rain, your clothes can become wet. You should have extra dry clothes with you at your workplace. Work in warm areas of your workplace and try to take breaks in cold time of the day.  Evaluate signs of cold stress per day by using any buddy system. There should be proper engineering and technical controls implemented at your workplace to avoid cold stress.