What are the different usages of granite

The first ever Olympic gold medal won by the US in curling took place in 2018 winter Olympic. This led to arouse a special interest all over the US and the world as well on the granite, the rock used as curling stones or popularly known as “rocks” in the sport of curling. The curling stones weigh around 38 to 44 pounds and specially designed with specific physical properties. However, curling sport is the latest development regarding the granite. In fact, granites have been of numerous uses for the past centuries across various civilization. Find your most appropriate granites in Granite au Sommet for your various purposes and numerous usages.

Granites have been basically used for construction purposes in the olden periods. Even today, you can find the monuments, heritages, buildings and many other constructions from the Great Pyramids to the Statue of Liberty, all constructed with numerous granites works. Of course, the usages of granites in the olden period was different and in course of time they got more polished and became beautiful by the application of advanced technologies. Get the most advanced and polished granite in Granite au Sommet to furnish them in your home as an object of beauty and status.

Find a few popular usages of granite below:

  • Granite Countertops: The most preferred and popular use of granite all over the world is kitchen countertop. The increased demand of granite for kitchen countertops inspired the kitchen contractors to gain the required expertise, skills, and equipment of producing the granite tiles instead of getting the final product all the way from the quarries. This drastically reduced the price of kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles resulting in usages of granite tiles as kitchen countertops and bathrooms tiles by almost every households in every country. Contact Granite au Sommet for the best granite for your kitchen countertops and bathroom decoration.
  • Granite Backsplash: Granites have been universally and popularly used for the sink, backsplash, flooring tiles, wall panels and many other lavish usages with granites called “gabbro”, because of its durability and beauty.
  • Granite Building Stone: Granite is used as a wall building stone for centuries. It is strong and hard, and resist the wind, rain and other natural calamities for thousands of years.
  • Crushed granite: Crushed granite is used in road and highway making. They not only look better but keep the road last longer.

There are many colourful granites namely black granite, white, green, blue, grey, red, pink, brown etc. to provide the deliverable beautiful at the same time strong and durables. This is the basic reason why granite is top in terms of popularity around the world.

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