Types Of Household Pests You Can Find In Arizona

Arizona has long been a haven for retirees and lovers of Mother Nature. From Phoenix to Tucson (I also know of a Gilbert exterminator that is busy!), the state is blanketed by cacti and wide open spaces. Similarly, Arizona is known for its dry heat which is beneficial to people dealing with respiratory problems. Still, the state is not exempt from common pests and critters that infest residential and commercial properties. While regular pest control spraying and maintenance is essential, it is important to know which bugs may be crawling in your cabinets and foundations. Here are the types of household pests you can find in Arizona.


Ants are a common nuisance in Arizona and most of the nation. These little biters create large mounds for procreation and feeding across countless home and business yards. Even with spraying and powdering, these critters multiply in large numbers and are sure to be around for the next season. Ant infestation is particularly heavy in Prescott and Verde Valleys. However, they congregate and eat up homes practically anywhere in the state. Here are some species to keep an eye on year round:

Harvester Ants

Harvester ants have a lifespan of 20 years. In fact, you will find at least 10,000 ants within each colony or mound. The latter affects the aesthetic appearance of home and business yards. Harvester ants look similar to Carpenter ants but their bodies are reddish or brown in color. They also love to eat planted or germinated seeds, as well as kill prey that threatens their colonies. This ant species is hardly found indoors but cause extensive damages to property exteriors.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are known to cause extensive damage to trees and timber. In fact, they cut through wood with their mouths and create saw-dust type material called frass. While they don’t eat wood like termites, carpenter ants tear out pieces to create galleries. They love humid and arid areas with moisture to build their colonies. With this in mind, you need a seasoned and reputable Arizona pest control company to take care of these harmful insects.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are almost microscopic in size and resemble mites and ticks. These parasite-like insects love to feed on the blood of humans. As their name suggests, you can find these critters on and between beds and mattresses. It is important to keep your homes and businesses clean and hygienic to prevent bed bug infestation in Arizona. Local pest control experts use special lights to pinpoint these bugs for elimination.


Bees are probably the most common insects associated with Arizona. As you know, these flying insects possess painful stings and love to pollinate flowers with honey. Bees can travel alone but are usually part of honey hives and swarms. You can hear their buzz from a mile away and it’s important to be safe around heavy bee activity. There are several types of bee species that make Arizona their home: Africanized bees, European Honeybees, Bumblebees, and Carpenter Bees.
Local pest control specialists remove hives and safely hand over bees to beekeepers. They also remove hives within garages, hallways, homes or anywhere these helpful — but dangerous — insects congregate and feed.

Scorpions and Other Insects

Arizona is home to around 60 species of scorpions. These desert dwellers are highly dangerous and carry poisonous venom in their tail stingers. However, the Bark Scorpion is the one you really need to look out for. This type of scorpion is found under rocks, logs, tree barks, and other surfaces. If stung by this scorpion, you can experience severe pain and physical-mental impairment. There is, however, anti-venin available and emergency medical care is needed at once.

There are also Stripe-tailed scorpions, Arizona Brown Spiders, and Black Widow spiders in Arizona. Similarly, you will find Crab spiders, tarantulas, termites, wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets across the state. There are even bats, rats, skunks, and several species of snakes that are very common across Arizona.