Avoid Scams and Fraud by Hiring a Trustworthy Moving Company

Heavy Lifting

Moving from one location to another is a tiring job. Whether it’s home, shop or an office, there are many things to be taken care of. Even if it’s across the street, still there are heavy items, breakable and perishable items that are to be considered. When it is time to relocate, the first thing a person does is to look online or a local market for a moving company. Internet world has become an important part of our lives therefore, we trust it blindly.

However, there are many fraud companies who claim to be a professional, but don’t turn up after taking deposit money or don’t have proper equipment and manpower which results in complete hassle on the moving day. It is wise to look for the most reputable companies that have been in the business for years. Hiring local mover’s makes it easier for both parties to approach each other and time and money for transportation is saved. Black Tie is one of the best and reliable companies till date. Being in the business for 50 years has made them extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

However, if you are moving to a new city, then follow these tips to avoid trouble –

  • Every state has their own license, therefore while appointing a moving company do check their certification and license from the transportation Department of the respective state.
  • If the company isn’t insured, then they will not pay you back for your damaged items, and they will also claim you to pay for any injuries during business hours. Hence stay away from such companies.
  • If the company provides you with estimation without inspecting your house, then be sure that anytime during peak hours of shifting, they can increase the amount. Hence, rely on those companies who first believe in inspecting the entire house and then give estimation.
  • A licensed company has to abide by the rules of the government, where it says that, apart from moving insurance, the company too has to offer valuation coverage.
  • Don’t fall prey to companies that offer non-binding estimates which can increase later, if the weight estimated comes out to be more. Rather, hire a company that gives binding estimate which will not exceed even if the weight is more.

Always trust your peers and reviews online. Internet is available for our convenience, therefore read reviews of the company and also take references to get more information on them.