Truest Form of Property Choice You Can Do Now

Before buying the first property, it is very important to do a search to know if the development is within the laws. For this, it is worth consulting a real estate agent or a lawyer, who will do a good analysis of the property.

It is something that will require some investment, but it is essential to do this, before the purchase, not to fall into a trap.

Know whether or not to use the FGTS

The FGTS is paid by the employer to the CLT employee. The amount is paid monthly during the term of the employment contract and equals 8% of the salary.

If you have a FGTS value and can use it to buy the first property, this is an excellent option because, as everyone knows, the “standing” FGTS yields little and it is much more advantageous to have this amount invested in a property, which is often a good business. In respect to the perfect setting, you can take it for granted that the Mali Signature, quality pool villas in Hua Hin happens to be the best there. You can have a proper look at the villas and then only make the decision to purchase the same. The settings of the villas are such that you are surely going to like them.

Understand how the purchase of a property works

As has been said, acquiring a property is a unique moment and it requires a lot of financial investment. Because of this, it is vital to surround yourself with certainties on all sides to avoid unpleasant surprises. So in addition to searching the internet talk to friends and family who have been through this experience.

Ask these people about the choices they made at the time and what they would do differently if they could. That way you can hear practical situations of the information you absorb during your research.

Review the payment methods

There are several options to pay for a property. The most advantageous alternative is to pay cash, since it is thus possible to negotiate more easily and obtain discounts. However most people do not have so much money saved to accomplish the feat and need to resort to other means.

The financing with the construction company, the bank financing and the consortium are the main ones. We’ll talk a bit more about the operation of each of them, below.

Financing with the construction company

Many construction companies offer their clients the possibility of financing the properties they sell with their own resources. The company has a strong interest in selling fast, because of this, in general, this alternative is more flexible than applying for bank credit. The downside is that the payout deadline is usually lower. These are the matters that you will have to keep in your mind.