7 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler During Summer with the Right Window Siding Colors?

Do you want to maximize the effects of your air conditioning while minimizing your electric bill? If so, then you need to find ways to keep your home cooler during the summer months. Sure, you could make sure that your windows seal properly and keep the hot, humid air out.

You can also plant trees and shrubs in your yard, not too far from your house, in order to add some shade, which will keep the interior of your house cooler in the summer. In addition, you can change your siding colors, particular the pieces around the windows, in order to keep things cool. Here are seven different siding colors that will help with this – and do a number of other things as well.

1) White Reflects the Sun

Did you know that the color white reflects the sun? This is why you need to be careful when wearing light colors outdoors in the summertime. The sun will reflect back off of them and you could end up with a sunburn if everything hits you just right.

The same is true of your siding, except, in this case, you want it to reflect the sun, not absorb it. If your siding is dark in color and absorbs the sun, then your home will be warmer than usual on the inside, causing your utility bills to go up.

2) Light Colors and Lightweight Materials

Not only do you want to use light colors that send the sun’s heat back into the sky (and not into the walls of your home), but you also want to use window siding that consists of lightweight materials. Anything too heavy tends to absorb heat, you don’t want this happening to your home.

Instead, aim for very lightweight, yet effective siding, and make sure that it’s a nice light color. Sure, light colors will show dirt and grime more, but that’s what power washers are for. They can make your home look nice, no matter what color it is.

3) Change the Colors around Your Windows

As we’ve already mentioned, you can always just change the colors of the siding around your windows. These trim pieces come in numerous colors, and as long as you stick with white or light colors, everything will work out well. Why do these window pieces matter so much? There are several reasons for this. First, they serve as accent pieces that make your home look nice.

They also seal in the edges of the siding and prevent things like water from getting back there. As far as colors are concerned, you want light colors that reflect, not dark ones that absorb, because you run the risk of having that absorbed heat get in through the window glass. This will make your home warmer than it needs to be, taxing your air conditioner and running up your electric bill.

4) Colors like Beige Won’t Show as Much Dirt

Many people don’t want a color on their house that shows dirt. This makes sense because you don’t want to bring out the power washer on a weekly basis. However, you also want something light colored, in order to keep your air conditioning bill down. This is where beige comes in. It’s light enough to reflect the light, but at the same time, dark enough to hide any general dirt and debris.

5) Light Blue Blends with the Sky

Light blue siding is a very pretty color. It can blend in with the sky, and it makes for a great house color – or even a good shade to place around your windows. One of the best things about blue is that it goes well with many different shades of white, and can add a little contrast to the colors of your home.

Even better, it will reflect, not absorb, the light, thus having a positive effect on the interior temperature of your house.

6) You Can’t Go Wrong with Pale Yellow

Place yellow is another color that looks nice when paired with white, so you can either use this color for your window trim siding, or for your entire home. The choice is yours.

7) Pick a Pastel Shade of Pink

Pink is another light color that will reflect the sun. Although you don’t see a lot of pink houses, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Most of the houses in this color tend to be in beach areas along the coast, where they add a touch of whimsy to their surroundings.

If you live in an area with a homeowner’s association, you might want to check their bylaws before you change the color of your siding. However, you might be able to get away with a little bit of pink window trim.