Tips on Hiring a Cleaner Who Really Knows His Job

It is not that hard to hire a cleaner, especially if you live in London or another big city in the United Kingdom. Browse Airtasker or Gumtree and a long list of cleaning companies will pop up instantly. Self-employed or part of a contract company team, they will convince you that they will do everything for you. But can we believe these words?

How we could be sure that the cleaning service they provide is reliable and performed in the best way possible? We’ve asked the experts at Pure Blue Cleaning London which are the usual clean up tasks performed by their staff. They said that washing the dishes or vacuuming & mopping floors are such that there is almost nothing to do wrong, but what about washing an extremely stained carpet, or cleaning the grouts in the bathroom? In such cases, an experienced, trustworthy cleaner is a must!Image result for Tips on Hiring a Cleaner Who Really Knows His Job

Below are a few tips to consider before hiring a professional cleaner:

Make a List

Prepare a list with all the work you need done around your property and make sure that the cleaner is ready to complete it according to your requirements. If he is a true professional, he will give you the final price in advance. With a list of priorities, both sides will be satisfied – you will have the dirtiest areas cleaned, and the cleaner will know exactly where to channel his effort.

The Duties of a Cleaner

We need to understand what duties a common professional has. Normally, these include:

  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors.
  • Dusting shelving and all other surface in the property.
  • Dish-washing, emptying trash bins.
  • Cleaning of mirrors and windows on the inside only.
  • Making beds, doing the laundry.
  • Watering plants, feeding pets – usually upon request.

The Cost of Hiring a Cleaner

Usually a regular cleaning service is charged on an hourly basis. Prices vary from £10 up to £14 per hour, depending on how frequent the visits are.

Here are some example price rates:

  • £10 Per hour, per cleaner, when each visit is booked for 5 hours weekly or fortnightly.
  • £13 Per hour, per cleaner when each visit is booked for 3 to 5 hours weekly or 4 to 5 hours fortnightly.
  • £14 Per hour per cleaner when each visit is booked for 2 hours weekly or 3 hours fortnightly.

Finding the Best Cleaner within London?

All you need in order to find a reliable, skilled and qualified maid, is recommendations! Ask at least 2-3 friends of yours before hiring one. These might be your relatives, neighbours or even co-workers.  

Keep in mind that you can always seek for compensations if the worker breaks something or damages your property in the working process.