Best Flooring For Dogs That Urinate Frequently

Just recently, you’ve decided to add furry friends to your family. Yes, they give protection and are a good companion. But as what you’ve read and heard, they can cause quite a mess. Apart from housetraining your pets and regularly cleaning your house, installing the best flooring for dogs is also of prime significance.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing your flooring option — durability, affordability, resistance to scratch and moisture, and more. However, one of the most important things you should bear in mind is the easiness to clean. And by cleaning, we mean keeping the floor protected from the dirt and pungent smell caused by dogs who urinate frequently.

Check out the following options for the best flooring for dogs who pee every now and then inside your rather lovely home.


Carpeted floorings rank high when it comes to providing great warmth to your beloved canines. Because they also give more cushioning, rest assured that your dogs will have an awesome time running across your floor. Generally speaking, they can be cleaned easily just by using vacuum cleaners. The trick comes when your dogs start to make carpets their urinating area. As they soak up any liquid immediately, they are prone to retaining the foul urine smell.


Hardwoods are one of the most popular choices as the best flooring for dogs. They are durable, and more often than not, fluids like pee don’t easily soak into them compared to carpets. However, you shouldn’t take this for granted because eventually, the liquid will find its way through the flooring and leave annoying stains. For you to avoid this mess, make sure to immediately clean up after your furry friends urinate on them.


Looking pretty much like their hardwood counterpart, laminate floors are also a great choice of flooring for households who keep canines as pets. As much as they are fairly resistant to scratch, they also are relatively more resistant to fluids. If your dogs pee frequently, this type of flooring is a wise choice. Just be warned that laminates can get too slippery at times. In case you opt to install this one, choose a laminate with a textured finishing.


Among other smooth types of house flooring, vinyl is designed to have a better grip — very much fitting if your dogs are active and are keen on running around your house. Aside from this aspect, vinyl is resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned. Owning a canine that can basically be considered as a peeing machine? You can have this flooring installed at your house so you can avoid urine stains.


Besides being durable and environment-friendly, bamboo floorings can also resist stains. As they aren’t prone to letting liquids seep into them quickly, you are rest assured that you can easily clean your dogs’ urine away. Though this option is relatively pricier, the benefits that come with it — from function to aesthetics — are all worth the investment.
If you are shopping for best flooring for dogs, you need to look for options designed with pets, kids, and active livestyles in mind. Check out our collections at Pet Friendly Flooring.

Lucille Brian

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