Tips about Having Conservatories Built

If you’re looking to have a conservatory built it is important to know a few things beforehand in order to make informed decisions about your potential conservatory.

Firstly, planning permission, usually planning permission isn’t required, however with this (usually) being the case, you also need to be careful about the size and design of your conservatory, because a lot of conservatories will require planning permission.

Conservatories that require planning permission are ones that are above 6m outside of the external walls of the house in it’s current state, in certain parts of Britain (in the event the conservatory is significantly different in design from the existing buildings in the neighborhood) you may also need special permissions from neighboring residents.

But usually planning permission is not an issue with this form of home improvement.

Next, you need to ensure you choose the right kind of builder for your project.

Check the portfolio and customer feedback of any building professionals you consider working with, this is extremely important because you need to be sure you are working with true professionals that can produce high quality work and are consistent.

You also need to make sure that your builders comply with all building regulations and safety regulation, this is important due to the fact that there are legalities to take into consideration when building conservatories, the structure needs to be safe and sound for not only personal reason but also environmental factors. (if a structure is found to be unsafe it can be forcibly dismantled, so make sure the company are safe in how they operate).

At the point of proceedings where you are searching for a quality building company to quote for the project, make sure you compare quotes from multiple companies (at least three) in order to make sure you are getting a price that is sensible and representative of the work.

Also make sure that the building companies provide formal paperwork and agreements to add structure to any arrangements you agree to (the construction).

Two areas which are in particular (London) where there has been a boom in the amount of individuals looking for conservatory builders are Croydon & Enfield.

Croydon conservatory builders are experiencing a vast increase in the amount of people asking for building services, and also builders of Enfield conservatories are increasing their activity by around 50% due to the increased demand, so it’s never been more important for people to be well-informed.

Conservatories in the area of London can be priced anything from £10,000-£40,000 dependent on the requirements from the customer, generally throughout the United Kingdom, conservatories are on average priced at around £10,000-£20,000 (prices higher in London), it is important that you know what to expect to pay based on your location, this is one reason it is so important to compare quotes.

Final Tip: be sure to ask the building specialists about the different types of conservatory roof available, because some types of conservatory roof will regulate the temperature and protect from excessive heat (UV protection) it is important to make the right choice on the type of roof, otherwise you can incur significant expenses later on if you decide to have your roof replaced.