Never ending Vacation and Love for Cleaning

I think it was two summers ago. My girlfriend and I had come to Abu Dhabi for a 10 days summer holiday. By the way, I forgot to say. My girlfriend is sick, she is a germ phobic. But not as you know it. If she would not be embarrassed by that she would dabble in the public toilets with detergents and clean them out. I mean she was at that level. You will understand that going for a vacation with her is a real torture. But you have to do it. Anyway, we booked a nice room in a luxury hotel from Abu Dhabi. They welcomed us at the airport and provided transportation to the hotel. So far everything was normal in the real sense. The real problem started from here.

We were at the hotel. It was a very elegant and luxurious hotel. We moved to our room. After a little rest, we went out for a walk, to swim at the pool, to eat. There’s no problem here. But the real story starts after that. My girlfriend kept checking up her phone while we’re in the pool. At first, I did not understand what it was, and until then everything was going well. I approached her coming out of the pool. I bent over to the phone’s screen and look at the screen where it was written “Check my Quotes”. When I thought I still could not solve the situation, I learned that in the course of the events, she made an agreement with Abu Dhabi cleaning service (view offers) to clean the hotel room we had. Can you imagine that, friends. What about the cleaning service in the hotel room? But when it is my girlfriend, this is normal.

Wow even I pity myself

My girlfriend already had an agreement with the cleaning staff. I asked her why that was needed. The curtains were very filthy, they needed cleaning, the floors were very dirty, the floors needed cleaning, the rooms also needed cleaning. She said I could not trust what the hotel did in terms of cleaning. I told her, well why she did not do the cleaning. I came for a vacation, I cannot do that; she said. Anyway, I told the hotel staff about the situation. They said this is no problem. Of course they would say that, I would also enjoy that if someone did my cleaning duty but it always came out of our pockets.

The cleaning service came while I was out, they have cleaned up. You will say where were you?  I got angry and went out in the morning and stayed outside until late. That’s why I did not mess with anything. I came to the hotel at night and what I saw was amazing. They made everything shining. Those guys had the job done. So much so that let’s keep this between us, but they did it even better than my girlfriend.