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Referring to gardening blogs edited by garden professionals is a useful opportunity to capture the beauty of ancient and modern gardens through the eye of the expert, who tells and portrays in photography what is most characteristic we can see from works artistic realized by putting together built space and plants.

For this reason, this thematic page has been reset giving precedence to blogs compared to generalist sites on gardens and gardening, thus succeeding in giving space simultaneously to the history of the gardens and thus creating continuity with the subsequent section of reviews on history of the gardens. The responsibility stays with the Landscape Architect now.

The Gardening – Your garden

The site whose link is shown on the left is the Gardening portal , which is part of the ‘Life Style’ section of the English national television website . The said site, no longer updated for some time, was part of the dissemination material that was proposed to the users of the ‘gardening’ section of the website, as technical support; inside we find everything interesting documentary material on the furniture and the art of gardens, gardening and finally and online applications useful for making summaries of garden projects.

More specifically, the following documentation resources are reported:

  • ‘Insects and diseases’ (‘Pest and diseases’): it is a collection of insects and disease treating cards that affect garden plants, listed in alphabetical order.
  • Cards on garden plants divided between angiosperms (monocotyledons and dicotyledons) and superfam gimnosperms. pinopsidae.
  • The gardener’s calendar, which shows in a graphic and textual way the main activities in the garden during the year, for fruit trees (fruits), hedges (shrubs) and vegetables (vegetables).
  • The gardening forums (the garden clinic, the inspiration of the garden, cultivate them alone, TV and radio; all forums probably now only available in their contents, all being ‘stopped’).

Many other documentation resources on gardening are then reachable through the links placed on the right side of the page, where all the themed materials available on other pages on the website are listed and among these are to be followed:

Gardening guides (various guides divided into different groups):

Basically, divided by topic and composed of several articles with illustrations and often attached one, or more videos.

Community gardening: what it is and links to external examples (external sites dedicated to community gardening, from institutions throughout the United Kingdom).

Ethical gardening: Ethical rules in gardening.

  • Advice from experienced gardeners (two articles).
  • Gardening with children (some illustrated guides and many indoor and outdoor projects).
  • Time: Some articles on the effects of climate in gardening.
  • ‘Garden design -> Design your garden’ (various guides divided into different groups):
  • Planting plans: A multiplicity of projects in ‘.pdf’ format.
  • ‘Virtual garden’: An online application that allows you to create simple online gardens, by means of simple commands that appear laterally as you proceed; in the end it is possible to see your own garden in 3D (three dimensions).
  • Plant styles: some articles about some types of natural garden.
  • Interviews with advice and projects: Interviews with well-known British garden designers.

In some cases of links placed at a higher level we can find the same resource groups already proposed in subsequent sub-menus, creating a bit of confusion, that is, giving the idea we are dealing with different document resources.