The History of One of the Oldest Companies in the Dallas Area

 Dallas Plumbing service area includes:

  • Dallas;
  • Collin;
  • Tarrant County.

They service both residential and commercial clients from their headquarters located in the northeastern part of Dallas, Texas.

One of only a few

Celebrating 114 years in business, they continued to be counted among only a few companies run by the same family. They have a history that is not just long but very successful. They are now under the 3rd and 4th generations of family management. Dallas Plumbing Company is in the tradition of something that might be gone in most businesses. But, they still believe in:

  • First Class workmanship;
  • Great old-fashioned customer service.

Opened in 1903

This business opened its doors in 1903 and from the earliest beginning the company survived as well as thrived as the oldest company to do plumbing in the area. Their history spans 4 generations of family ownership which is rare in today business climate.

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Famous in Texas

Dallas Plumbing Company has had a part in the construct of some of the most famous homes and buildings in Texas. In 1934, Dallas was designated the host city for the Texas Centennial Exposition which was celebrating the state’s independence from Mexico. There was a work compelling of 8000 laborers and Dallas Plumbing Company helped in the building of what is now:

  • Nation’s largest collection of Art Deco buildings;
  • National Historic Landmark.

Landmark homes

Many of Dallas’ landmark homes in Highland Park as well as Park Cities had the plumbing and heating done by Dallas Plumbing from their location on McKinney Avenue.

Another landmark

Another landmark that Dallas is known for is the Highland Park Village which was a project for the company in 1931. This is a Spanish style center and is still a local and visitor shopping site right in the heart of Highland Park. This company is still serving many of the families who are living in the original homes.