How Can you Decide what window treatments to get for bay window curtains?

A bay window is best served by traditional curtain rods that hang from the bottom or top. The main advantage to this type of window treatment is that you can shut out light on either side of the window by simply drawing one curtain over the other.

Another option for bay window curtains is traditional valances, which hang from inside and outside the windows and cover the tops but not the sides. These styles provide a less formal look than classic drapery panels but can be made more formal with wider fabric and heavier furnishings to balance them out.

What Are Bay Window Curtains, and Why Do You Need Them?

Bay window curtains are the traditional window treatment for a bay window. Although all windows can be treated the same way, some bays have an unobstructed view. Others offer more privacy with drapes or shades that cover the top-andtop side panels but do not surround the whole window.

Half-opened window treatments, designed to draw attention to the room’s furnishings, are also popular with window treatments for bay windows and other expansive windows. If you have a huge bay window, consider using an entire panel of fancy swag curtains on each side–not only will they enhance your décor with their drape, they’ll block out sunlight and make your home look spacious at night.

Bay Window Curtains: Types and Styles

In the same way that there are several variants of bay window designs, there are numerous varieties of bay window curtains, even custom drapery West University Place TX. Before deciding on the ideal window coverings for your bay window, take the size and purpose of the window into consideration.

Types of Bay Window Curtains

1. Privacy Curtains – Traditional Curtains that block out light or view. These curtains are often made of sheer fabrics or lightweight material, and these are the most suited for almost all bays with a view. They can also be used in front of windows, such as French doors.

2. Room Divider Curtains- This is a curtain panel hung in either the front or back of the window, creating an intimate area adjacent to the window without blocking out too much light or view.

3. Swag Curtains for Bay Windows – Swags can make your bay look broader and longer if you have a small one. They are great for rooms with open floor plans that need to be unified, such as a kitchen and dining room.

4. Roman Shades – Roman shades are fabric panels mounted onto a roller system and act like a light-blocking curtain. They come in either a pleated or flat panel design.

What is the best way to hang bay window curtains?

Before you hang your bay window curtains, take measurements of the window itself and its height. Remember, if you are building a bay window from scratch, the railings play an essential role in how your curtains will look; if you’re using curtain rods, measure them as well.

Measure the width of each side of the bay windows to determine how wide your curtain panels should be. You generally want these panels to hang at least 11 inches beyond that rail. Measure the length of each side of your bay and add 1-2 inches to the width so that they fit around all sides of your windows.


Bay window curtains are ideal for both framing and controlling natural light. While it may seem complicated, it is worthwhile to find the proper way to highlight bay windows. You will be spoilt with a choice once you start searching.