Simple Tips for Caring Your Garden

How to get the most of your garden?

A green and lush lawn is such a delight to behold. Creating and maintaining one by yourself may be possible, but professional landscaping Eastern Suburbs from Amico could do the job more admirably. Here are some simple tips any homeowner can follow to make an awesome yard and maintain it.

  1. Start with the soil

The soil varies; hence their watering needs also vary. Loosen it around plants to absorb nutrients and water. Although normal water is highly essential for the plants, bear in mind that too much is not good. Balance is the key.

  1. Water your lawn every day

What’s the best time to water your lawn? It is in the early morning when the sun is still not rising and would not dry the grass and soil. Do not water the lawn in the nighttime; otherwise, it may cause prolonged moisture – which can lead to numerous plant diseases. It is recommended to use ten to fifteen liters of water per square meter when watering the lawn.

  1. Mow high and mow as often as possible

Cutting your lawn short is not a good idea at all because you’d only affect the overall appearance of your lawn. Plus, it triggers weeds to grow. Professionals advise homeowners to keep their grass quite tall and mow more often. Keeping the blades of mower sharp is also crucial for avoiding grass tearing.

  1. Prevent and get rid of weeds

Unwanted weeds only cause problems in your flower garden, aside from looking it less beautiful. In addition, weeds take up nutrients and water that flowers crucially needs and offers a place for various types of garden insect pests. In order to prevent weed growth, plant beds firmly so the area available for weeds to cultivate will be reduced.

  1. Fertilizers

Feed your lawn with fertilizer to maintain the lush color and look of your grass. Nitrogen is considered the essential plant nutrient, hence, buy and use nitrogen-based fertilizers.

  1. Insect pests

Don’t easily assume that all insects are harmful to the plants, as some of these creepy-crawlies are beneficial in the garden. When buying an insect control, choose one the produce the highest rate of pest death with the minimum environment impact, which includes bees and any other artificial.

  1. Consider organic gardening

Soil conditioning materials and organic fertilizer generally work slowly, so they should be combined with soil at least 3 weeks before planting and the soil fully prepared for the transplants or seeds.

  1. Get reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico

While a Do-It-Yourself gardening care is a practical idea, getting a professional help from experts is still recommended especially if you have little knowledge about gardening. They will help you throughout the process, so a healthy gardening is highly assured. These professionals are totally equipped with the best tools and in-depth knowledge to maintain the garden a lot easier and quicker.

By applying these easy garden care tips, you can achieve a green, lush lawn throughout the year!