Improve Your Dated Driveway

There comes a time for many families when their children learn to drive, and in no time their first car appears. For many it raises questions of where they are going to park it? It’s no secret that insurance for young drivers is slightly more than it was back in the day and we go to every length to reduce it, one of these being keeping the car on a drive way and not on the road. Unfortunately, the majority of families have two cars between parents, or maybe another sibling already has a car to filling up all the spaces on the drive way.

It’s very common now for people to extend their drive ways, one to fit more cars, and two to improve the overall appearance, and price of their house. Many house will have a standard tarmac drive originally which can be unsightly. Especially when you live on a busy estate you want your beloved cars safely on your drive, not on the side of the word where they are liable to being scratched or bumped.

Planning an extension on your driveway is relatively simple, finding the materials you want to use a little harder. When it comes to finding the correct company to lay it, research thoroughly, you don’t want a dodgy halfhearted job that will need correcting or doing again in 12 months.

It is always worth before getting started to check the planning permission, some materials and also some larger extensions will require permission. From there research the materials you can use and look at your plans, try speaking to professionals and have them visit your house as they will point you in a good direction.

Due to the intended use of the extension, to keep cars on, you want to ensure it is laid correctly to hold the weight. Bad paving installation can cause all sorts of problems, paving stones moving and even cracking. A good company will make sure the paving is installed exactly how it should, however, there are people out there who can be a little less careful.moving

Ensure that you do all the necessary measurements to make sure the extension will actually be big enough to fit the extra cars. Many people tend to put curves on to allow for additional cars to park if needs be.

A popular choice for driveways is granite, being extremely hard wearing and stain resistant, they make a good choice for this purpose. Easy to maintain and keep looking like new. Many people will choose to border them with granite setts too which can give a lovely finish to any driveway.

James Loveland

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