Pool Installation Company Expertise

Call a pool company port st. lucie fl, such as Open Water Pools, to help you decide on the best pool for your space and your budget. A swimming pool is not a small investment. Even the least expensive pools cost a decent amount of money making an informed investment more important. A qualified professional will explain to you what kind of pools are available and the cost of each type of pool offered.

Things to Consider when Installing a Pool

A lot of people are only concerned with the cost of the initial installation. The unfortunate reality of owning a pool is that a majority of the cost is found in the daily cleaning and maintenance of the pool. It takes a lot to keep a pool clean everyday.

A pool pump is essential and it is a large part of the initial investment. This pump takes electricity to run. The larger the pool the larger the pump and the more electricity is needed to operate.

However, a pump and its electricity is just one portion of the daily costs. The majority of pools require chemical treatments to keep the water clear and clean. These chemicals are costly. Larger pools logically require a larger volume of chemicals and thus cost more. Be sure to figure this into your costs when selecting the size of your pool.

Pool surfaces also require physically cleaning. You can do this yourself to cut down on costs. What you might not be able to do yourself is to repair your pool. Pumps, lights, and filters are parts that will and do go out causing repair or changing. The worst case scenario is that your swimming pool develops a leak. This will certainly cause you to call a professional.

Ways to Cut on Costs

It is not all doom and gloom when it comes to the price tag on your swimming pool. There have been a lot of innovations in the industry that have made the cost of pools less intimidating and more accessible to several different budgets.

When you think of an inexpensive pool most people think of above ground pools. This is a great way to minimize cost. There are a lot of fantastic looking above ground pools on the market. Many surround the above ground models in beautiful decks giving it the feel and look of an in-ground pool. There are also more affordable ways to create in-ground models. Durable liners have taking the place of expensive and delicate tile and concrete.

Innovations in filtration have also helped to minimize the price tag shock of pools. The biggest new trend is saltwater pools. These are swimming pools that utilize salt to keep them clean versus chlorine and other chemicals. The filtration and pump system is different for saltwater versus traditional chemical treatment. After the correct equipment is purchased the cost of the salt is minimal compared to that of traditional chemicals. It also requires less maintenance since there is only salt that must be added to the water. Using the right quantity and combination of pool chemicals to achieve desired effects is notoriously complicated and time consuming.

A new cutting edge technology uses fresh water in naturalized pool that are more like ponds. In these high tech man made swimming holes plants and even fish are used to keep the water clean and fresh. Water is recirculated and pump up through a bed of gravel and water filtering plants. The freshly filtered water pours over into the swimming area. Many contain fish which is possible because of a lack of chemicals or salt. These same fish eat algae, bugs, and debris to further help keep your swimming hole fresh and clean all season long.