Landscaping with Rocks to make Feature Gardens

Melbourne Pathway Landscaping

Landscaping with Rocks is a great way to add a variety of different visual elements to your garden plan. Granite mud rock or even blue stone a great alternatives to highlight certain aspects of your garden and make them key elements, this is why so many modern and contemporary Gardens are now adopting Rocks as features. Customers often think that retaining walls must use timber sleepers but that’s not the case at all. Using natural stone to build a wall is a far better option as it reserves resources and carbon. Rocks can also be cleverly used as seating arrangements and fire pits, they are natural durable and will last for decades without maintenance. Although Rocks are initially more effort and work to setup in your garden in the long-run they add value and style. Rocks can be a company by party grasses and shrubbery that visually looks fantastic. They offset each other and work well together to create Harmony in your garden. Rocks and grasses together can create the perfect style and look that you’ve been waiting for.

Another great way to add highlights to your new garden are water features. They can include ponds, fountains, and small streams. The sound of running water is often considered very calming and relaxing for people and is why it would make such a great addition to any garden. When using water elements in your garden it allows for a greater diversity of plans and shrubbery, plants that could normally not be used unless there was sufficient water all year round. Water features are also great for bringing wildlife including birds bees and insects. Insects will help pollinate your flowers for spring and also bring a warm welcome to your garden. When you can add water features with rocks it adds so many different visual elements to your garden. As the shrubs and grasses grow throughout the stones it will give a greater visual impact, it will look more natural.

If you are planning to rejuvenate a tired or dated garden in Melbourne, Evergreen landscaping has ideas to assist you, whether it’s a rock garden or rocky pathway.  While we have a number of image galleries online showcasing our rock designs, we always recommend conducting some background research of your own to help assist us. Some customers often drive around Melbourne and find garden elements that they like. Real Estate agents always promote the advantages of carefully curated gardens, especially uniquely crafted gardens with interesting rock features.