How to Utilize Feng Shui Concepts in the Home

Rockport is a beautiful place for a home. If you purchase a home from Rockport Properties, you’ll want to design it in your own way. Here’s a way to achieve that and find a balance steeped in calming tradition. Based on Chinese principles and pseudoscience, Feng Shui has been a formalized practice for over 3,000 years. Feng translates into ‘wind’ and shui means ‘water’—two concepts associated with good health and fortune. Within the home environment feng shui strives to bring balance that allows for greater energy flow, or ‘chi’ into spaces to promote prosperity in one’s life. Here are some tips to improve Feng Shui in your home.

Open Doorways and Pathways

Energy flows through doors, so those wanting to invite positivity and opportunity into their home should consider adding some red accents around or upon entryway doors. Red is believed to attract fortune and luck. However, it won’t do much good to bring the good energy in only to have runaway chi head straight out the back door. Consider forcing the energy to flow through the home by placing rugs or decorative objects in the pathway between doors to slow and impede the flow.

Bring the Natural World Indoors

Research has shown that nature enhances happiness and reduces anger and anxiety, so naturally chi will flow much smoother when you bring the outdoors inside. Take advantage of available natural light, open doors and windows when possible, and bring in several live plants to strategically place around the home. Everything is energy, and live plants seem to have a special chi about them, bringing peace and serenity along with cleaner air. Put plants in dining rooms to draw abundance, in the kitchen between appliance to create balance, and in living rooms to promote connection and health.

Exhibit Elemental Balance

Feng Shui heavily relies on the five elements: water, fire, wood, earth and metal, and should be represented in each room of the home to bring balance to your life and your surroundings. This can be a simple setup that includes a candle next to a floral arrangement and a wooden bowl filled with natural pebbles.