5 Essential Tips In Thief-Proofing Your Home

The home is the place where family members come together after their long days to rest and be with each other. It is ideally a place where family members find their peace of mind, safety, and security. For these reasons, one must know how to protect their loved ones and their homes from the many risks of home intrusion. Homeowners agree that safety and security should be top priorities when maintaining and renovating their homes. With the prevalence of home intrusion throughout the globe, homeowners should fin different ways in making sure their home and their family is safe from any burglary or home intrusion. One of the ways to keep your house safe is by contacting a locksmith to help you thief-proof your home or maintaining contact of a  trusted emergency locksmith in Katy in cases of break-ins or intrusion, and you want to change your locks.

Change All the Locks

Most burglars and thieves get inside a house through the doors and the windows through picking locks, for this reason, you might want to change your locks into something more heavy duty like a deadbolt. You will feel more secure with deadbolts as your locks because they automatically bolt your lock from the inside and the outside once you lock your doors, and the only way in is through the key. Because of this, never leave your keys somewhere where anyone could find it as this could be incredibly risky, have your keys with you at all times.

Consider Installing Security Cameras

One way to increase the protection of your home is monitoring what happens near and around it by installing security cameras. You may choose only to install outdoors or both indoors and outdoors security cameras for protection. But to ensure your security have them both installed, so you know what is happening in your house when you are not home. It is ideal to install these cameras in the weak spots or blind spots of your home like your backyard and front door which are the most susceptible to break-ins.

Put Grilles in Front of Windows

Windows are also one weak point of your house especially those that could be accessed quickly or those that are below six feet in height as these could be reached easily by an average person. Because of this, you must design low lying windows with grilles and locks to avoid being opened by any intruders.

Install Window and Door Alarms

Intruders are getting better at picking locks of different doors and windows, and they also use different tactics like sliding something through your door once you get in and not lock it so they can open it quickly. For this reason, you must install alarms to alert you of any intruders.

Get Some Motion Detector Lights

Lastly, you should get some lights at night that should be placed nearest to your home, so you see any near intruder trying to get into your house. Another plus is it is motion detection so you will be alerted of any emergencies.

There you have it those are the five essentials to thief-proofing your house. For more detailed info, visit these guys here.

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