How to turn your garden into a security feature

Home security is increasingly becoming a major concern for modern urban dwellers. The threat of break-ins and home invasions is a nightmare for most people and as a result they tend to spend big on security in all shapes and forms. It could be burglar bars or alarm systems or armed response – there are so many options available and in general, if people have the cash to spend, they go for everything. But there are cheap and natural ways to enhance the security of your property as well. Here’s a list of ideas to help you turn your garden into a first line of defence against potential


Open spaces

Burglars and home invaders thrive on places to hide. The more obstacles there are to get behind, the easier it is for them to remain undetected, either from people on the street, or from the actual occupants of the house – so plan well when designing your garden. In big urban centres like Sydney landscaping services are easy to find. Reach out to one and tell them what you are trying to achieve. They will help craft and design something that suits your needs and improves the overall security of your property.

Thorns help

Vulnerable points of access like windows can be ‘guarded’ with a ring of thorns. Plant thorny shrubs like roses, or cacti adjacent to these places, making it harder for dodgy characters to approach them with any great ease. The truth about burglars is that they are looking for quick wins. If you can make it look like more trouble and pain than it is worth for them to approach a window at your house, the truth is that they will probably jump a wall and go and look elsewhere. It really is that simple. Your garden is not going to stop everything, but make it an inhospitable place for those who shouldn’t be there and they should hopefully move along quickly.

The deceptive seed tray

Where are the vulnerable access points to your property? In short, the place where somebody vaulting a wall would enter. Ask yourself this question and do what you can to mitigate against an unplanned entry. The idea of a seed tray with nails in it is a great one. It looks like a nice soft place to land when you jump a wall, but the truth is, it’s nothing more than a series of sharp nails, pointed upwards, hidden under a layer of soil. If you are coming over a wall that you shouldn’t be, you are going to be in a lot of pain!


If a high wall is your thing, think long and hard about a hedge as opposed to something made of brick or iron. Those kinds of permanent structures are scalable whereas a hedge is very hard to get over. Granted, a hedge takes some time to grow, but once it is established it is impossible to get through and it is also pretty difficult to get over. It’s additionally hard if the hedge is a thorny one.