How To Layout And Design Small Spaces In Your House

Small spaces present a design challenge but with the right tricks up your sleeve, you can easily overcome them. The idea is to create an illusion of having space where none really exist, so as to make it feel more spacious and not claustrophobic.

Using wallpapers and mirrors

Mirrors help make the space feel bigger and wallpaper will help create a focal point for the room. This is the best approach for living rooms considering that this is the room that people spend a lot of time in. The mirror is best placed on the opposite side of a window as it will reflect the different views outside and give the impression of having another window in your room.

Positioning the furniture

The arrangement of the furniture in relation to openings is also an important factor. Make sure that the window is not blocked by anything and it is easily accessible as it will help in creating a relationship between your room and the exterior surroundings. Use large curtains as well to enhance the appearance of your room or you could add potted plants on the side to further accentuate the area.

Pick the sizeable furniture

If you have a big bedroom, you have the liberty to choose a king size bed; the same, however, is not applicable if you happen to have a small bedroom. This essentially means that you should opt for something more fitting for your room that allows you to have enough circulation area so that you don’t end up knocking items as you try to move within your space. For your living room you may opt to have a two-seater sofa rather than a three-seater one so that you can have more space for other things.

Adding in plants

Plants help in giving the room some kind of depth. They also are a breath of fresh air especially in tiny rooms and at the same time, they will break the monotony in decorating elements. They are far more effective if they’re placed in strategic locations such as in corners and beside the focal points like a piece of furniture. They can also be used to create an illusion of having a large background when placed behind sofas and chairs.

Using multifunctional furniture

You don’t have to worry about buying everything for individual purposes. You can go for multifunctional furniture which can be easy to move around to serve different uses like stools. Alternatively, they can be strategically placed to cater for different needs without worrying about placement. There are also other furniture pieces that can be adjusted or altered to suit a different purpose such as a sleeper sofa.