Chandelier Maintenance Tips

Having chandeliers to light up your home is really amazing. They will not just brighten your home but they will also make look sophisticated and luxurious. Nowadays, it is already common to have chandeliers in every room of your home as there are now different types of them. Gone are the times when you can only find heavy and overly decorated chandeliers that they will look too much in a bed room.

Yes, today you can find simple looking yet elegant chandeliers like the ones from Their chandeliers are Bocci lighting inspired and created by their best craftsmen who have been with them for a decade now. You can see their array of exquisite chandeliers on their website and you can also give them a call to learn more on how to get your hands on one of them.

One thing though, even if you have chosen the perfect chandeliers for your home, their aesthetics will only last while they are maintained. That is right, they must be maintained if you want to enjoy them for a long time.

You can get some good ideas on how to properly maintain a chandelier below:

Learn how the kind of chandelier you have must be handled

As you have probably noticed, chandeliers will really be cautious when handling them as you might end up breaking their small parts. That said, you should ask the provider first study the design of the chandelier so that you can handle it properly.

Take it apart and clean

It might be okay to clean the chandelier with just a dry cloth so as not to mess with the electricity but you won’t be satisfied for sure. The best way to clean your chandelier meticulously is to take it apart and clean piece by piece. Yes, this is time-consuming and tiring of course but then again, you don’t need to do this often, just every few months will do.

Dust Regularly

For sure you dust off your appliances at least once a week. While you are doing that, you should include the chandeliers so that they can still provide the illumination you expect. Note that if they are already clouded by dust, their illumination will be affected.

Chandeliers are beyond doubt luxurious. However, if they are not maintained as needed, their magic will surely fade. Maintain them on a regular basis and enjoy their powers.

Irene Davis

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