How to Compose a Bill of Sale When You are Selling Your House

When selling a house, the seller will present a bill of sale that includes information on the transferring of the property title. This document also acts as a receipt for the sale of the house to the buyer. You can save money by writing the bill of sale yourself instead of hiring an attorney service. The agreement will be the same valid as long as it includes the right clauses.

If you don’t know how to compose a legal document, you can download the ready bill of sale contract template. There are a lot of websites that provide the house sale bill templates for free but it is better not to download from these places as you don’t know if they are written in a way that is legally binding. It is best to use the one that is included in a PDF editor you buy. Movavi PDF Editor has a free digital fillable bill of sale form which you can use when you are selling your house.

The blank fields are highlighted in light blue. You just enter your cursor into the fields and start typing in the information.  After finished typing in the information, don’t forget to press the Save button to save the form. If you have a digital signature, you can load the image into the software and press Ctrl + C to copy it in Edit Object Mode. After that, you can go back to the bill of sale form and press Ctrl + V to paste it into the field. Get more details at

If you decide to write the house sale bill yourself, make sure you include a clause that you and the other party decide to enter into this contract in sound mind. You must include information on the appraised house value, how much the buyer decides to pay, the date when you will receive the money and the terms in case the buyer did not deliver the money as promised. You must explain how you will compensate if the buyer is not satisfied after purchasing the house.

The bill of sale document should also describe the seller responsibility after selling the house. Since a house is a large purchase, both the seller and buyer of the house should sign the document. You must take it to a notary and sign it in front of a notary. There must be at least 2 witnesses present at the time you sign the bill of the sale contract. You must make a few copies of the signed document; one for keeping a record, one for sending to the mortgage, and another one for sending to the buyer of the house.

Other information that the bill of sale should include is the name and address of the seller and buyer, description of the item that is in the transaction, conditions of the sale, the previous owner, payment method, an agreement on the pending payment. When you’ve finished composing it, make sure you double check the information and check that it conforms to the state regulations.

Every state has different regulations regarding the bill of sale. If you are not sure whether it conforms to the state regulation, you can get help from an attorney to review your bill of sale for a small fee. The attorney can go through the document and tell you if there is any information you need to add or change. In some states, you can download the form from the motor vehicle department. You can also obtain the form from the clerk at the county tax assessor collector’s office.