Eunosville En-Bloc: One of the Biggest Collective Sales in Singapore

In what is known to be overall the third biggest collective sale in the history of Singapore, Jardine Matheson Group Unit MCL Land made a collective sale and bought the Eunosville site at a whopping price of $765.78 million. The sale was also fourth biggest collective sale of 2017. Also, the sum of money is the second highest when it comes to a privatized HUDC estate after Farrer Court which was clinched at a massive price of $1.34 billion by CapitaLand in 2007. This major sale can potentially be an entry way for 1399 units. At the initial launch of the tender for Eunosville en bloc, the marketing agent for the property OrangeTee stated that the asking price ranges between $643 million to $653 million. So, it would be fair to say that the price that Eunosville was bought at by MCL Land exceeded all the expectations.

The ever increasing demand of Eunosville

Eunosville is an attractive leasehold condominium that is situated in the amazing neighborhood of 822-840 Sims Avenue in District 14. It is known to be one of the most desired places in the entire region. The fact that Eunosville is situated in a commercially developed locality serves as one of key contributing factors to its ever increasing demand. Surrounded by greenery and a pleasing and calm environment, it is best suited for you if you seek a lifestyle away from all the noise and hassle. Also, you don’t have to worry about the repeated renewal of lease either, as Eunosville comes with a 99 year lease.  

The accessibility at Eunosville is also amazing. If you’re residing at Eunosville, then you will never be facing any sort of travelling issues either. The residents have access various transportation services as the condo is situated at the cross section of a major road.

Situated near various aesthetic attractions

The location of Eunosville is just perfect. It is situated just 1.3 km away from the popular and historic Intan Museum that offers a broad collection of the Peranakan Culture. The museum also possesses a rather classy ambience that attracts more and more tourists. In addition to that, the fountain of wealth is situated just 8 km away from the condominium. So, you can witness the giant and colorful waterfall at any time you wish to. Also, the mesmerizing flower dome garden that consists of some of the most exotic plants is situated 10 km away from Eunosville. All in all, living at Eunosville provides you with access to numerous amazing attractions.

With the sale, the units of Eunosville are expected to increase in a humongous manner; 1399 new units are expected to be added in the current 330 unit Eunosville.