Here’s Why You Should Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Early in the Spring

With spring just around the corner and the worst of winter already behind us, air conditioner maintenance is likely not on most homeowners’ minds. But did you know that early spring is the perfect time to schedule routine air conditioner maintenance for a number of reasons?

Most homeowners don’t bother calling a licensed HVAC expert until their air conditioner unit malfunctions or breaks down. However, preventive maintenance will ensure that serious issues never happen, thus saving you a lot of money on costly repairs. While annual inspections might seem like a waste of time and money as nothing appears to be wrong with your AC, in the long run, they are more than worth it.

The best times to schedule preventive maintenance are just before periods of heavy use, meaning summer and winter. If you didn’t have your air conditioner checked before the winter, that’s all the more reason to do it now before the summer. Here’s why you should schedule your AC maintenance early in the spring.

Prevent Any Serious Issues

As we mentioned, preventive maintenance can help you solve any serious issues before they develop into a headache and a hefty repair bill. If the technician discovers the issue early on, they can address them before they develop and compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner. Sometimes even a dirty condenser unit could have serious consequences and completely ruin your condenser if left unattended. And once it does ruin it, the only option you have left is to replace it. And that’s something you could have skipped with regular maintenance.

Save Money on Energy

A malfunctioning air conditioner unit is likely to run much less efficiently. If you’re not too environmentally aware, perhaps you’ll be more aware when your energy bill arrives. A malfunctioning air conditioner works harder to deliver the desired temperature, and that also means using more energy and ramping up your energy bill. You won’t be forced to sacrifice comfort for finances if your air conditioner is functioning properly.

Spring Maintenance Will Increase Your AC’s Lifespan

Apart from preventing serious issues and saving energy, fixing issues preemptively will ensure your AC unit lasts much longer than a neglected one. AC units are made to last up to 15 years, depending on how much you use it and how well you take care of it. If your air conditioner cannot meet the heating and cooling load of your home or exceeds it, the AC will also have a shorter lifespan.

Avoid Long Waiting Lists

Since most homeowners wait until late June, if you choose to schedule your air conditioner maintenance in the middle of the summer and the heating season, expect you’ll have to wait a while before your address turns up on the list. Besides, if you schedule AC maintenance during the summer, you’ll be forced to turn it off while the technician inspects it. During the spring, when you’re most likely not using the AC, you won’t have to sacrifice your family’s comfort.

Irene Davis

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