Good Questions to Ask When Buying a Mobile Home

Before making the big purchase, it is important to research mobile homes. You should find out whether or not the land on which it’s located is free of liens and intrusive rights-of-ways. Ensure the land is zoned according to building and zoning codes, and find out if the land is equipped with power, water, and sewage lines. Find out how much it will cost to hook up these services, and what will happen with the garbage. It is also important for you to buy your mobile home from a friendly company like Sunbelt Home Sales.

Another important question to ask before buying a mobile home is about its age. If the home is older than ten years old, you may be dealing with some problems. If it has been in the same neighborhood for several years, its plumbing might not function properly. Knowing this information can prevent costly repairs in the future. Ask about the age and condition of the home and its construction before making the big purchase.

In addition to asking about the price, you should also look for upgraded items. These can add to the cost of the manufactured home, but some people may choose to upgrade later. For example, installing fiberglass tubs will cost more than metal ones, and installing an outside outlet and a light over the kitchen sink will add to the price. Other upgrades to look for include a 40-gallon water heater, and double-hung windows or plywood or OSB exterior sheathing.

Other good questions to ask when purchasing a mobile home include how much space the home has and how many rooms it has. The exterior design and interior finishes are equally important. Make sure the home is level and does not have a sagging foundation or uneven flooring. The dealer should be able to deliver the home within a hundred miles of its destination. Ask the home’s manufacturer about who installed the home. Find out whether it was installed by a contractor or the manufacturer themselves. Ensure the home meets HUD specifications and is on stable ground.

Another question to ask when buying a mobile home is about the builder. Certain builders specialize in particular styles. Be sure to research the builder of the home you’re considering. If you want the home to be custom-built for you, make sure you understand the company behind it. The style, colors, and features of the home will be different from those of a traditional home. You should know this information before making a final decision.

Always make sure to check out the title. A mobile home must come with a certificate of title proving that the home’s current owner has legal ownership of the property. You should also check out the HUD label, also called a HUD tag, and see if the home has one. If it does, make sure to get a copy of it and bring it with you when you visit.