Explore Your Chances with the best of landscaping

Currently the spaces are smaller for a garden, so we usually worry about getting the most out of it in an efficient way and that does not look so precocious. In these cases, we always use a landscaping professional, who will know how to plan that space sifted by a landscaped style and a practical distribution of it.

Well, amateur people who want to make their own garden, we recommend not to be scared as small as this is because in the minimum space you can get amazing results while remaining sensible.

Once we know the possibilities we have of our garden, we will get to work taking these tips into account. From the Augusta, GA services you can find the best solutions now.

The plants of light colors (glaucous, gray, golden, variegated) give optical sensation of greater space since the light colors reflect more the light and of clearer way than the green ones.

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  • The same sensation is found with the vegetables with tiny leaves, which provoke a ‘psychological’ effect of distance, the opposite of the species with large leaves, which suffocate the sensation of vital space.
  • We will try to create different zones, even if they are very small, because they optically provoke a greater sense of the whole than leaving a unified or diaphanous zone, where the view loses the real perception of the comparative space.
  • Everyone knows that when we began to furnish an empty room (which seemed small) is when we realize its real dimensions.
  • In small portions of land, we will not use grass and, if we do, it will be in very specific areas.
  • If we create parterres they will never be straight (blunt), but finished in peaks (trapezoidal) or in the form of ovals and ellipses.

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The creation of unevenness is not an optical trick to give a sense of spaciousness to the view, is that really a few meters enlarge the surface.

Resorting to the unknown and charming trompe l’oeil is also a good idea. These are paintings on the wall or wall of a patio or garden that, as its name suggests, is “a trap to the eye”, creating false perspectives of depth or distance.

As for decorative objects, they should be used with extreme caution: only the just and never small. It is better to opt for a few and a normal size, not too large, to several tiny that do not look and blur the garden creating the feeling of ‘fair miniatures’.

The sound elements, such as water games (wall fountain, a small fountain), bells for the trees, sound plants such as bamboo, etc., provide well-being due to the spiritual sense of ‘living space’ through the ear.