Essential Options in Perfect Landscaping Deals

Landscape design of a personal plot, landscape gardening, landscaping – these concepts are becoming more relevant. The time when the size of the built mansion was considered the subject of pride was left in the past. You can trust Augusta, GA for the best results.

Garden furniture

Landscape design is a design of a personal plot, which includes the location on the territory of lawns, ponds, small architectural forms, lighting.

  • Landscape design is the most important element of landscaping. This is not just a device of artificial ponds, alpine slides, gazebos, bridges and paths, it is the key to harmony, comfort and comfort around your country house.
  • A well-thought out personal plot can provide both the joy of constant discoveries, new diverse impressions, and tranquility, the opportunity to rest from everyday fuss, to observe the beauty of nature.

Proper landscape design is able to reveal the hidden advantages of the site and give the opportunity to receive joy from the natural beauty almost all year round.

  • High-quality landscape design is a rather laborious, truly creative work. It can mean by itself as a complex selection of various plants that can complement each other with the appearance or features of the growing season, and the arrangement of all kinds of artificial structures and landscapes – rock gardens, ponds, islands of sand and pebbles, paths.
  • In particular, the climate forms the comfort of recreation conditions, determines the selection of vegetation for landscape design and gardening. Relief determines the adoption of planning, engineering and architectural – artistic decisions in the landscape design of the suburban area. Due to differences in the structure of the relief, a natural and cultural landscape is formed.


Mixborder is a kind of complex flower garden, created from multi-row and multi-layered plants, providing continuous flowering from early spring to late autumn. Mixborders consist of ornamental perennials, as well as plants of tree and grass species, which are distinguished by long or non-single flowering during the season. Mixborders can also be supplemented with biennial or annual plants, as well as plants with decorative foliage. The width of the mixborder should not be more than 1.5-2 times the height of the tallest plant in it.

In our plant nursery you will find all the necessary ornamental plants to create a mixborder and can order this service.

Well, if you yourself want to do landscaping on your site, then we offer you some tips from professionals in the field of landscape design and landscape works. There are several rules that should guide the creation of mixborders.

Selection of plants for mixborders

Plants for mixborders are selected based on their flowering period, because the main rule of mixborders is decorative throughout the season. Mixborder does not take place if the plants in it were not selected in terms of soil requirements, lighting conditions and style of the site.


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