Carreaux Metro – Your Champion in Reinventing Living Areas

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Is your home already dull and boring? It could be that everything in it has been there for ages already? If that is the case, you should start making plans in reinventing it. We only live once unless we can pass God’s test. If possible, you surely want to live in luxury, right? Though luxury sounds expensive, it does not have to be like that all the time really.

You don’t need to splurge blindly just because you want a luxurious home. With so many home accessories available these days, you can easily find something that is averagely priced, yet exquisite looking.

Let’s first talk about your kitchen, how can you reinvent it so that it will look classy yet functional at the same time? Are you using tiles as the backsplash? That is fine actually but how long has it been since those tiles are installed? Maybe you hardly remember anymore or it could be that they have been there since you bought that house?

Tiles, though classy and trendy looking, especially with so many designs and styles these days are not really that great when it comes to durability. This is why time will come when they start to look dirty, cracked, chipped and shabby. So if this is the situation of your backsplash right now, you might want to change them and use something new to the eyes this time like maybe a ceramic?

Ceramics are one of the most common types of materials used as a backsplash and the reason is that they are not that expensive but they are also not cheap looking. Another thing is, you have wide options when it comes to designs and styles.

Carreaux Metro is one of the providers of ceramics and they are a pro when it comes to the installations as well. They have a number of options for you to choose from such as the following:

  • Alp Stone
  • Polido Concrete
  • Collection Chalet
  • Collection Chamarel
  • Formwork Collection
  • IBEL collection
  • Mainstone Collection
  • Mayfair Polis Collection
  • Moov Collection
  • Mayspace Collection ESP
  • Newyork Collection
  • Prima Collection
  • Seasons Collection

Yes, these are the best collections of ceramics you can get from Carreaux Metro and they will be the one to install them themselves if that is what you want.

Shape up your kitchen now and give it a breakthrough makeover!


Irene Davis

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