10 incredibly easy ways to organize your messy home!

Not everyone has big, sprawling apartments, and therefore, we have to make do with that’s available. Organizing your home can come with a few practical and inherent challenges, which is why we have a list of 10 incredibly easy tips that may help.

  1. Stop shopping. We like stuff, and we pay for it. When you have limited space or aren’t sure of your design needs, avoid shopping new things for your home, especially furniture and big items.
  2. Get organizers. Have you seen those amazing baskets and organizer bins on stores like Living.ca? Buy a few that can be stacked on one another or can be used in smaller spaces, like the closet.
  3. Pick up stuff. Shoes don’t belong to the bedroom, and that handbag doesn’t have to be on the couch. Every morning, take a tour of each room and pick up things that doesn’t need to be in that space.
  4. Declutter. There are a lot of things in the house that you don’t need anymore, and therefore, decluttering is necessary, at least once in a year. Give away things in charity to do better for others.
  5. Reduce furniture. If you are just a regular couple with a kid in the house, you don’t really need a lot of furniture. Furniture takes up floor space and makes the room more cluttered than it actually is.
  6. Sort your kitchen. Most of us have modular kitchens, but even with that many drawers, the space seems insufficient. To get more room for your kitchen products, use a regular hanger or wall hooks to hang some of the utensils and tools.
  7. Get a chest of drawers. You can place one chest of drawers in every room, which can contain the things and essentials that don’t have to be in plain sight.
  8. Grab a few wall shelves. When the floor space is limited, get a few wall shelves, which can help in utilizing the unused space. You can also add shelves for the corners.
  9. Reuse things. With online products and selected items, we do get cardboard boxes and containers that often are in good shape. Instead of getting extra boxes for a price, check what can be reused in the house.
  10. Finally, consider a yard sale. No matter whether its old clothes or furniture, you can make some money out of it by opting for a yard sale.

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