Best Details for the Perfect Hygiene Maintenance of the Home

For optimum hygiene in the home it is important to always keep your carpet clean. Do you want to clean your carpet? Then you can roll up your sleeves yourself or you can choose to have a professional do it for you.

Dirty than you think

The floors in our home are exposed to pollution every day: pets, muddy shoes and dirt caused by spills or other accidents. With a carpet, that dirt also penetrates deep into the fibers, because we constantly walk over it. In this way, bacteria, dust mites and mildew have the opportunity to multiply quickly. This is of course not very hygienic and it can even give rise to allergies. Cleaning your carpet is therefore very important.

Cleaning carpet – more than vacuuming

Vacuuming the rugs is part of the weekly cleaning.

That is fine, but unfortunately not enough. Cleaning a rug must be done thoroughly at least once a year and preferably in a professional manner. You can do this at your home or in our car wash.

Cleaning at home

If the carpet is not too dirty, we can clean it at your home. First we spray it with a cleaning agent to soak up the dirt. Then we go over it with the brush machine and finally we rinse the cleaning product out with the extraction machine. If you wish, we can also impregnate the carpet. This makes it less likely to become dirty in the future, so it is easier to clean your carpet yourself. You can visit for the fine option.

Cleaning in a car wash

You can also have your carpet cleaned in a car wash. It first goes through a beating machine that removes the dirt and sand, then it is scrubbed in the car wash and spun. Finally, the carpet is checked, vacuumed and packed. But be careful! Not all rugs can be cleaned in this way. For example, silk, woolen and hand-knotted Persian rugs are not suitable for this.

Clean carpet for longer life

Have your floor covering professionally cleaned! A carpet that is regularly professionally cleaned lasts considerably longer. It stays nicer and more hygienic and the fibers are not affected. However, it is important not to wait for years before you have the carpet cleaned. Otherwise there can be so much damage that the result is not what you expected.

Carpet often gives a wonderful warm and inviting atmosphere. However, it can also be a source of stains and odors. That is not strange when you consider what an average office carpet will endure every day. Think of the many feet that walk over it on a daily basis, overturned coffee cups, crumbs, dust and hair. In the long run, this can not only lead to stains and odors, but also to unsanitary working conditions. It is therefore high time to take a closer look at the cleaning routine of your carpet. We provide 3 tips for the best carpet cleaning.