A Quick Look at the Differences Between Sectional and Roller Garage Doors

Whilst up and over and canopy garage doors (which you can learn more about via the Garage Door Centre website) are the two most popular types of garage door used here within the UK, there are numerous different types used both domestically and by businesses here in the UK. Two of the leading kinds are the roller and the sectional garage door, and here is a quick look at why.


Both roller and sectional garage doors are space saving, easy to operate, reliable and available as both automatic and manual options. Yet, and despite the fact both sectional and roller garage doors themselves are similarly designed in that they are made up of numerous connected sections or slats, the mechanisms by which they function vary considerably.Image result for A Quick Look at the Differences Between Sectional and Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are currently the only standard garage door option sold here that feature a spring operated mechanism. When fitting a manually operated roller garage door this mechanism ensures a door can be lifted by a person and dropped without causing injury.

Automatic and motorised roller doors also operate via the same spring mechanism . The spring in this instance rather than enabling a person to lift and drop a roller door, takes the pressure off a motor tasked with doing the same job. This helps to prevent the motorised component of an automatic roller garage door from becoming overworked and ensures it lasts as long as possible.

Sectional garage doors meanwhile are made of fewer and far wider slats or ‘sections’ which can also far more easily and realistically due to their size be created using a wider choice of materials and are also consequently far easier to insulate. Hence, sectional garage doors prove a better choice for those who use their garage as a work space or spend time in their garage rather than simply using it as a space in which to park the car or store belongings.

Space, Clearance and Dimensions

Both roller and sectional garage doors open and close without requiring any space in which to open out into unlike canopy and standard up and over style doors. Hence, both make fantastic space saving options for homes which feature less space directly infront of their garage or where cars and vehicles are often occupying the driveway before a garage as vehicles will not need to be moved and do not risk being damaged when opening and closing a sectional or roller garage door.

A roller garage door achieves this by literally rolling up much like a roller blind used within a home and once fully opened will have formed a tight roll which is hidden within a box fitted to the upper horizontal frame of a garage door. Meanwhile, a sectional garage door rises vertically via both horizontal and vertical tracks which retract the sections into the ceiling space of a garage. For this reason, sectional garage doors are also a particularly good choice for those who require maximum width and for example, run wider vehicles.


The specific design of roller garage doors means that aesthetically speaking they are not the most appealing option for domestic use, but prove massively popular as a secure and affordable option for business uses.

Hence, sectional garage doors, when it comes to aesthetics and literal ‘curb appeal’ are the far preferred choice. As further explained via the DuratecSecurity Solutions website: [f]or the style and security conscious home owner […] sectional garage doors offer a variety of designs and finishes. With a wide range of panel designs, colours and optional windows to choose from, you can create a unique sectional door that complements your home and turns your garage into an attractive, bright and usable space’.

Suffice to say, if you are willing and able to spend a little more, there really is no competition in terms of which out of the choice of the roller and sectional garage door when in the style stakes.


Both sectional and roller garage doors are alternatives to the standard canopy or up and over garage door,andboth provide better level of security. For this reason, both are worth considering and exploring in further depth if you are looking to buy or replace a garage door and security is a priority for you.

As to which is more secure out of the roller or sectional garage door, there is not infact much difference, at least from a security standpoint. The specific mechanisms used for both types of garage door and fact that they are both made of several or more interlocking sections renders them equally security savvy options.

Further, because both sectional and roller garage doors can also be fitted with additional locks and garage alarm systems, such as those sold and explained in more detail via the Lock Shop Warehouse website, either make a sensible choice for the security conscious, but often a roller garage door will cost less to purchase. Hence, for those shopping on a budget or less interested in the aesthetic appeal, insulation or having a wide choice of materials from which to choose when shopping for a garage door, the roller garage door might provide the perfect solution.