3 Ways to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Home

The ways to add a wow factor or special touch to any home are many and will depend on your budget, taste and the sort of home you run; a bus family home complete with kids is likely to look very different to a city worker’s bachelor pad. Whatever your style, budget or ambition though, here are 3 ways to add an extra special touch to your home whoever you are and wherever and however you live.


Almost every home has a particularly problematic room or area within it that suffers from little natural lighting. Remedying that by doing as little as changing the light shades or bulbs you use could dramatically change both the look of said space and as well even stand to save you money on your electricity bill. To find out how to choose the right light bulbs for every space, fitment and fitting visit the Lightbulb Company website.Image result for 3 Ways to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Home

Another bright idea thoughand special touch worth considering as well as one that can be used to instantly transform any room or space and lift the atmosphere, is to invest in new lighting. From replacing and updating shades and lamps to having entirely new lights fitted and even giving the likes of LEDS a go, the options, ideas and looks lighting can create in 2016 are limitless.

Then, for those prepared or even excited by the thought of overhauling the lighting in numerous rooms within the home to freshen up, illuminate or simply add a touch of additional style this season fashion with new shades, lamps and lighting, a great place to get some inspiration as well as find out what is trending this season is via the Oberoi Brothers Lighting website. Specialist lighting solutions providers, the team at Oberoi Brothers also write a rather illuminating blog full of light bulb ideas (some quite literally). Hence, both are worth switching on to for anyone interested in adding a special touch to their home by changing up how they light it.


Bathrooms are one of those rooms that many of us approach without much excitement. This is often because a family bathroom or ensuite is likely to be one of the most functional and as such seen as the least ‘personalisable’ rooms within a home. This needn’t be the case though, and arguably shouldn’t be the case. Afterall, bathrooms for millions of us are so much more than a functional space; they are a place we retreat to in times of stress, where we wash our worries out of our hair and one of the first spaces within the home we turn to pamper, preen and restore ourselves.

For that reason, why not provide your home with the extra special touch of a new bathroom? Further, opt to have one especially designed by an expert team like those at Aston Designs and not only is the result likely to revolutionise your morning routine or evening soak, it could even add value to your property.

Furniture and Furnishings

Whilst it is tempting to suggest an extension as the third and final idea and way of adding an extra special touch to your home, it is far more likely to prove achievable and affordable to instead provide an idea that means making the most of the room your already have, and ensuring all of the rooms within your home have an identity, make a statement and wow those who step into them. And one brilliantly creative means of doing this, whatever the size or style of your home and whatever the size of your budget is to shop for bespoke furniture items and furnishings.

Whether you search via car boot salesand / or go down the DIY upcycle route to create some fabulous talking points for your home or splash out on bespoke designer pieces such as those sold via the Made website (which provides a hub via which a wealth of established and new design talents and names can sell their designs), by doing either you can inject some uniqueness and originality into every space, and do so without having to redecorate or redesign at all. Therefore, this is also a great way to update, add a twist or just freshen up the look of a room or home, as well as providing a really fun way to spend a shopping day with the family, a partner or even alone.

Finally, if you cannot stretch to going bespoke and don’t fancy the idea of bringing carboot loot into your home, but love the idea of adding some unique style into the mix, why not give the Etsy website a browse? Famed for a place to buy one-off dresses, jewellery items and the all manner of kitsch, both handmade furniture and furnishings can also be bought via Etsy – and often at a bargain price.

Ruben Hood

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