4 Numbers You Should Always Have in Your Phone

If you have a bit of OCD and you like to keep things tight, chances are you always try to be prepared for any situation. We are a rare breed and people like to make fun of people like us, but when push comes to shove, we are the ones to save the day.

By just adding these important numbers to your phone, you can potentially save a lot of money, time, and even someone’s life during unexpected situations. Seriously, these numbers could be priceless when you have to act fast.

1.     Police Department

Having the number of the police department is a must. After all, if you need to call the police, it means that there is some sort of an emergency. In potentially dangerous situations, you might get distracted and forget the number, no matter how simple it might be, and if you have it memorized you won’t have this problem.

2. AAA or Towing Service

You never know when your car might break down and where it will happen. You might be miles away from any city and this number could make your life less complicated. Make sure to put in your national AAA or a towing service that covers all the areas where you travel.

3. Certified Locksmith

Nobody ever thinks about getting locked out of their car or home, but these situations happen. What’s even worse is that it never happens in a convenient time. Imagine coming home late at night only to realize that your lock is broken.

You can’t ask anyone around to help you and even if you can, chances are they won’t know what to do. This is why having a 24 hour London locksmith at your disposal is a good idea, as they are always ready to help.

4. Car Insurance

In case of a car accident, the first number you should be calling, apart from 911, is your insurance claims hotline. You will need professional help on how to act and they can guide you through the situation to avoid making things worse on yourself or if it’s the other person’s fault, to hold them responsible for their mistake.

As a bonus tip, you should also add the hotline for stolen or lost credit cards. This can come pretty useful if someone has stolen your card, as you can shut it down quickly or get help if you lose one while travelling.

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