3 Trends To Make Your Dining Room Spectacular For 2019

The dining room is one of those spaces that practically begs you to flex your decorative muscle. Trends change by the year and even by the season. These dining room trends for 2019 may well become your permanent dining room trends for years to come.

1. Start Minimizing

The “less is more” aesthetic is still going strong in 2019, and it’s not hard to see why. Minimalism isn’t just a design aesthetic; it can become a full way of life. You can do a lot with a little, and your dining room is a good place to start.

Minimalism represents many design choices in one. Many of the 2019 dining room trends stem specifically from using a minimalist aesthetic. If you can remove it from the equation and still get a great result, then do so. Minimalism is about clean interior design, textures that build a space’s presence, and tones that calm it.

2. Dark and Neutral Colors

Deep dark color has become popular in dining room décor. One of the advantages of dark color in a dining room is that it looks good at any time of day. In fact, rich, dark colors can change the whole feel of your dining room depending on whether it’s daytime or night.

This can give you options for events, gatherings, or any activity that you use your dining room for. For example, the dark color during the day will make the dining room feel more cozy and relaxing. By night, the dark colors can create a more intimate feeling of closeness.

However, dark colors aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Another good décor trend for dining rooms is the use of neutral tones. Neutral tones aren’t busy, and they allow other aspects of your dining room décor to take center stage. You should know that cooler neutrals were in last year, but for 2019, warmer neutrals are the trend.

3. Chandeliers and Creative Lighting

A chandelier, especially a bold one, can make your dining room look luxuriously elegant, and, one may even say, royal. The trends surrounding chandeliers come and go, but the dining room is the perfect place to have one. Nevertheless, choosing a chandelier for a dining room requires some deep consideration.

Usually, you want the chandelier to represent the focal point of the space. That means you must also show care when choosing the décor that surrounds the chandelier.

If you’re taking a minimalist approach, a bold chandelier can represent the full extent of your overall dining room décor. For example, you can have neutral colors, simple furniture, and a bold chandelier above it all.

If chandeliers aren’t possible, or you don’t like them, dining room lighting trends can also work well for you. Dining room lighting trends for 2019 include statement lighting and minimalist lighting that doesn’t draw attention to itself.  Many people have started to incorporate oddly shaped or artful sculptural lighting designs.

The dining room design trends of 2019 are all about accomplishing more with less, just as they were in the previous year. While a few things have changed, the minimalist approach is still king of home décor.