Unusual ways to make your burglar-proof your San Antonio home

Imagine the flood of emotions entering your bloodstream and brain stem when you get “that” phone call. You know “that” call that I am writing about today. You know the call. It is the call where you are on the way to the local theme park with your children when you get “that” call. It is the Sheriff and your house has been broken into. AhhhH! The rage that you feel. The overwhelming sense of stress that you feel. You cannot describe the horror going through your mind at this very moment.  It has to be the worse day of your life besides when your dog Fred died and your Aunt Emma got hit by a train. Horrible days. All worth noting. Must try to avoid horrible days!

So as a writer I am supposed to guide you along a wonderful path that leads to reflection, education and experience. Also, hopely you will feel some emotions too. SO, as a small home owner in the bad part of town I know a few things about keeping the garbage from the streets out of your house. And that is exactly what this article that I am writing today is all about.

7 unusual ways to secure your home. (Especially if you live in a bad part of San Antonio)

  • Get a mean dog – Owning a Pit bull, Rottweiler or Doberman is a must for making a longeterm commitment to live like a poor person. There is good reason for it! These types of dogs kick burglars butts or anyone else that you did not invite on to your San Antonio property. Best of all owning a mean dog allows you do maintain your cool while there are threats on your property. Little do these threats know that your dog will eat their arm off in case you accidentally enter the home.
  • Install an alarm – Installing an alarm on your home is by far the smartest thing ever because now you will be able to have a real alarm screaming at the burglars while you either shoot them, stun them or beat the crap out of them. And of course if you have a dog the dog will attack at the sound of an alarm. Just be sure to get a dog that eats only adults and not children.
  • Surveillance systems – You need to install a surveillance system on your home. This way when burglars try to enter your property while you are away you can yell at them through your smartphone That will make everyone that you know around laugh their butts off. You will be able to comfortably sit on your bar stool while you take UPS, postal and other deliveries Isn’t the future so wonderful!
  • Build a wall – Some regulations do not allow for walls taller than 6 feet. And that makes me mad! If you want a 20 foot wall and a tower you should be able to build it. This is America! But what can you do? Pretty much all that you can do is submit and do your best about your wall.
  • Install timers – Every electronic device in your home can be on a timer so that you can turn the device on our off whenever you want. This is super great for when you want to turn lamps, radios, televisions and other electronics on and off. This will make it appear like everyone is home. 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. That is a good rule of thumb.
  • Install bars on your windows. – Bars on the windows will stop the average burglary but will not stop the home hijackers who come in and rob you at gun point in the middle of the day. None the less bars on the windows are a smart idea. Just be sure that you and your family members know how to remove the bars in case of a fire.
  • Get a gun – Guns are proven to be one of the biggest deturnats to stop a criminal from coming into your San Antonio home unannounced. If you have other family members in the home you all should learn how to use the guns to insure that your family is protected. Guns are not safe all of the time but when in good hands they will save your life!

Making your home burglar proof here in the wonderful city of San Antonio is not too difficult. First you will want to start with a good San Antonio residential locksmith. When you know a qualified residential locksmith in San Antonio you will be able to solve all of the issues above without missing a day of work or time away from your family.

Lucille Brian

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