Planning The Best Use For Your Basement Renovations

Whenever you are planning to expand your living space for you and your family, one place you should first consider to start your design is the basement. Basement renovations are indeed cost effective and an easier way to that add extra living space your family definitely needs. And this way you can utilize the already existing foundation and structure of the building, resulting into less cost. With the help of AGM Basement, a professional contractor serving the Toronto area, they can help you transform even the dreariest basement space into something beautiful.

Some common basement renovation plans

There is an array of basement renovation ideas out there than just turning it into a rec room. You can turn it into a fitness room well equipped with modern equipment (considering the flooring for such purpose) or you could turn it into a home theatre room with a big screen TV and surround sound.Image result for Planning The Best Use For Your Basement Renovations

You should think carefully and consider what your family loves doing and by all means restructure your basement to see how you can successfully accommodate those activities. Set up a recreation room if the need arises. The space should be for casual living so there should be a lot of recreation


Making your basement more comfortable should also be a top priority. Add features that would make the space pleasant and comfortable like a bar or a gas fireplace which can be easily installed by a contractor.

Sometimes homeowners chose to remodel their basement themselves, and as such lack the skills to add the key elements. If building your own home from foundation to roofing and all the finishing task is not your thing then attempting a DIY for your basement remodelling is not the best of ideas. Even if you feel skilled and capable it would be better that a pro handles it, as it offers more option for features you want installed.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Having a bedroom in your basement is a great idea as long as the windows are large enough for use as an alternative exit should there be an emergency. This is part of the building code in many different locations and also a good common sense guideline to use. A lot of light will be needed in a basement and for this reason a perfectly sized window is just perfect

Bathroom is a necessity in a basement although plumbing might be quite complicated. There are several special toilet designs on the market today that will pump the water up to the sewage drainpipe if necessary. Newly built homes are fitted with a basement rough in, making setting up a bathroom easier which in turn cuts down the overall cost of renovation.

A two piece sink and a toilet would be just fine for the traffic downstairs and a shower could be added if needed. The choice of your basement design is up to you, just understand that basement renovation will indeed be an addition to your family living space, and you can have a number of recreational facilities so desired.


Irene Davis

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