Emergency Roof Repair: Important Tips To Deal With Emergency Roof Damage

The roof of your home is a very important part, as it helps protect your entire home and all that you have in it. If you had an emergency issue with the roof like a tree falling on the roof well into the night or strong winds ripping the roof apart, you should be able to handle the emergency situation. Here are some emergency roof repair tips to help you manage until professional help arrives.

When does a roof require emergency repair?

Whenever the roofing system is breached, it needs to be considered as an emergency as water will start seeping in. This will result in structural and interior damage. The best way to deal with a compromised roof is to place a protective cover over the damaged area or do a fast repair of the region. Most often roof repair services evaluate the damaged part of the roof and use emergency tarp to cover the breach. A more permanent repair is possible only after the entire damage is assessed fully.

What situations require immediate repair of roof?

Compromised roof due to fire, weather events or animals require immediate repair. Here are some instances:

Winds that are over 50 mph can force shingles away from the roof and have the substrate exposed to the elements.

Trees that are torn due to winds can damage the roof and even penetrate it

When lightning strikes on the roof it can cause a big hole in the roof.

If the wood on the roofing is rotten, squirrels and raccoons can chew the wood causing holes in the roof.

Fire can cause extensive damage to the roof.

How does a professional service deal with emergency repair?

When professional emergency service is sought for roof repair, they usually wait for the storm to subside before starting any permanent repair. Safety for the workmen and the home is given priority. During lightning, heavy rain or wind, it is impossible to do any major repair.

In case of fire, assistance will be mobilized and the structure would be turned into a water tight state. Most often the integrity of the roof structure is affected during a fire making it difficult to access the region, assess it and do the repairs.

Homeowners’ duty

Homeowners should not panic at the sight of the compromised roof. Since the damage has occurred they need to take proactive steps such as

  • Contact a professional contractor for roofing repair
  • Contact the insurance provider
  • Make sure that a reputed and reliable service is used for the repair.

It is best for homeowners to consider the pros and cons of various repair and replacement options after the roof has been secured safely from further damage.

While any sort of damage to the roof can make homeowners anxious and panicky, it is important that they not panic. And another important fact to consider is not going for the do it yourself repair methods. Since the risk of injury is high in roof repair, homeowners should not try to repair the roof on their own. While it is easy to replace a ceiling or roof, damage to health will not be so easy to mend. The best thing to do in such a situation is make records of the loss with the help of photos and in writing.


Irene Davis

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