9 amazing benefits of garage doors you probably don’t know about

I guess you have garage doors in your home, here are some interesting facts about them that you might not have known

#1: Increase the value of your home

According to a 2006 research study by Stratamark involving real estate agents reveal that changing your garage doors could increase the worth of your home by at least 4%.

#2: Serve as Wind Breakers

The powerful roles that garage doors play with regards protecting your home from strong winds have been noted by wind experts. When a house lacks these doors, it is at risk of being destroyed by strong winds like hurricanes, tornadoes. This explains why the building code mandates its use in the wind prone areas.

#3: Serves as a powerful security tool

Garage doors have an inbuilt monitor system that helps you become more security conscious, especially when it is mistakenly left open. It alerts you and forcing you to take precautions against attacks from thieves ensuring that you sleep peacefully.

#4: Energy Saver

With their insulation features, garage doors are capable of conserving energy in winter as well as summer. This explains why IRS gave tax credits to individuals who had insulated garage doors in 2006 and 2007.

#5: Gives your home a distinctive appearance

A careful look through any street will reveal that the garage door is a good distinguishing factor. With different kinds of stylish garage doors ranging from raised panel doors, modern doors, carriage doors available in the market in different colors and finishing you can be sure to find one that will enhance the aesthetics of your home and make it look unique among others.

#6: Works even during power outage

In recent times, where automation is the order of the day, I guess you could ask, how do I access my home when there is an impromptu power outage? The answer is just simple; there are garage doors that remain operational with battery backup systems, to ensure you are not stranded in any way..

#7: A perfect replacement for front and exit doors

Considering the utility it provides a perfect home survey carried out in 2007, garage doors of this sort have gained more popularity and used more than most front doors. Most recently a survey among consumers reveals that they are both as front doors and exit doors. The reason for this is not farfetched as they durable, convenient and very appealing, welcoming to be used as front doors

#8: Easy to operate

The adoption of technology has made garage doors easier and safer to use, from the exterior keypads to the fingerprint technology, all worries associated with the use of garage doors in the past have been eliminated.

#9: Installed by only a professional

Thinking about getting a garage door? Then don’t try installing it yourself, engage the services of a professional to ensure that your new door is functioning properly. And anytime you think you are having any problem with your garage doors seek for professionals like Premium Garage Doors repair as well to help you take care of it instead of about it yourself.

Irene Davis

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