3 Furniture Essentials for the Modern Home

There are many ways to decorate your home, especially if you’re willing to get creative. But what about the staples? What are the must-haves for your interior design? What furniture do you absolutely need before you invite over friends and family? Here are just a few things to look for as you flip through a furniture catalogue!

  1. Dining Room Set

There’s more to a dining room set than a simple table. For example, if you care about the aesthetics of the room, you’ll also want matching chairs. You might also consider investing in rugs, cushions, curtains and dining cabinets that complement your table’s design or wood type. This kind of harmony in your home decor can really bring the place together, so plan it out before you start buying haphazard pieces of furniture.

  1. Couch

A couch is essential if you plan on welcoming guests into your home. People need somewhere to sit and socialize! A good couch can also be the centerpiece of your den or living room; you can arrange the rest of your interior design around its pattern, fabric or color scheme. For this reason, you might want to buy your couch before any other furniture meant for your home’s public rooms. Get the big purchase out of the way before you start accessorizing with other things.

  1. Mattress

You aren’t living in a truly adult space until you’ve gotten rid of that college-era futon. Go ahead and drop some money on a good mattress! The frame and bedspread are important, too, but the mattress is what you’ll actually be sleeping on, so your comfort is essential. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on it than you would for other pieces of furniture. You’ll appreciate it when you don’t wake up with a bad back.

These are just a few things to consider as you shop from a furniture store in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you’re decorating a brand-new home or remodeling the one that you already have, you can do a lot with new furniture!

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