Looking for sliding patio doors? Check the relevant aspects here!

Selecting a patio door style can be a confusing task for any homeowner. Think of some of the basic options – sliding, pocket, bi-folding, and French. Sliding patio doors are more known and common, and in this post, we take a look at the pros and cons, so that you can take the final call.

The advantages

  • Sliding doors for the patio ensure that you have a great view at all times, especially if your house is close to the beach or around the mountains. If you are someone who prefers a lot of air and light in the house, this is the choice to go for.
  • If you go for the high-quality designs, sliding doors don’t really make any noise. In short, the operation is simple, and you don’t have to spend a lot for maintenance and repairs at least for a few years.
  • Limited space requirement is yet another advantage of sliding doors. You can use such doors for almost any setting and opening size. The doors slide, which means you don’t need extra space indoors or outdoors.
  • As far as aesthetics are concerned, sliding doors are better in more ways than one, especially for homes that need a contemporary vibe. If you need more privacy, you can always add an extra layer of blinds.
  • Not to forget, there are a bunch of material choices, right from vinyl and wood to aluminum and fiberglass. You can create a patio opening as you like, with the right balance between function and style.

On the flip side

To be fair, sliding patio doors are not as energy efficient as other doors. Also, cleaning might be a problem. Pet dander and other particles can get struck in the lower panels, which may require frequent maintenance.

What to note?

Expert door makers like Unisson Groupe suggest opting for something that’s more apt for your home. Consider your needs, take the measurements twice and weigh other choices. It is also suggested that you set a budget, because the cost of a wooden door is very different than that of vinyl. Not to forget, the maintenance is a matter of concern, and you may need an extra layer of blinds to control light and privacy. Also, make sure that you have the right company for the installation work, because if the sliding door isn’t working as intended, the whole purpose is lost.

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